If you are trying to decide which version of EzyEating is right for you, Simply EzyEating, or the updated version, EzyEating Pro, our comparison chart makes your decision easier.




 Compare the versions

Simply EzyEating

EzyEating Pro

 Daily menu generated in moments


 Weekly menu generated in moments



 Generates shopping list based on menus



 Shopping list can be sorted by Group



 Shopping list can be edited to include non food items



 Enter your own recipes



 Choose from hundreds of recipes in the database



 Amend recipes according to your tastes



 Easily convert recipes in several easy ways



 Search (in many options) for recipes



 Save recipes to create your own cookbook



 Import XML recipes into your database



 Choose from hundreds of recipes in the database



 Backup your recipe database for safe keeping



 Import unit preferences



 Adjust meal sizes based on number of servings



 Print recipes, menus and shopping list



 General purpose conversion utility



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