The EzyMenu Selected window


EzyMenu Selection


EzyEating simple recipe software makes it a breeze to plan your weekly meals.

Meals can be planned weekly with the push of a button (in “Weekly Style”) or by selecting one or more individual days (in “Daily Style”) – whichever you prefer. Along with planning your meals, EzyEating even generates a shopping list so you can get everything you need easily.  


The EzyEating shopping list can printed out so you can check your cupboards before you take it with you to the market.  This is a real money-saver because you avoid doubling up on items you already have.  You can even add items to your EzyEating shopping list such as bathroom goods, household cleaners and other non-food items so you can shop from one easy list.  With EzyEating recipe management software, you can plan meals and shop for one day, a few days or a week.

You can even edit the number of servings based on how many or how few people you are feeding with EzyEating recipes and the ingredient quantities will be automatically adjusted.  If your recipes units require conversion, the EzyConverter does it for you with the click of a button.  By converting units and changing quantities, you can customize your recipes and shopping list to accommodate your unique needs.

Consider the benefits of  EzyMenu Selection:

1.    EzyMenu Selection is so easy to use that one button gives you everything you need.
2.    You can plan meals for one day, a few days or a week.
3.    You can choose which meals to pick for and which you want to remain blank if you have plans other than cooking.
4.    A flexible shopping list is generated which can include the non-food items you need for total shopping convenience.
5.    You save money because you can compare your shopping list to your cupboard to avoid buying doubles.
6.    You can easily convert recipe measures and change the number of serves (in “Daily Style”) to accommodate the number of people you are cooking for.