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EzyEating Recipes


The EzyEating recipe interface is uncomplicated and intuitive so you can enter recipes in your own format and include any extra information you need.  The recipes can contain as much or little text as necessary in a user-friendly format of your choice.  Once your recipes are entered, it is simple to add to them, change them or delete them.


EzyEating software is ideal for the casual chef who reads cooking magazines or watches television shows and then writes recipes on scraps of paper.  Instead of chasing pieces of paper, you can enter your new recipes in EzyEating and make them part of your own personal, complete cookbook in one easy location.

There are a variety of tasty recipes already stored in the EzyEating recipe software to give you a head start if you don't have your own.  Simple meals ranging from boiling an egg to barbecues to crème caramel desserts are featured so everyone will find something they like.

Consider the benefits of EzyEating recipes:


1.    There is a free EzyEating format available for simple recipe entry.
2.    You can store Nutritional information about recipes
3.    The Time of Day tracking makes it simple to generate menus for any meal.
4.    You can print out a shopping list straight from the menu you created.
5.    Other items, including non-foods, can be added to your shopping list for totally streamlined convenience.
6.    You can print recipes so you can follow along while you cook.
7.    You can produce a real cookbook that contains all your favorite recipes and even share it with others.