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EzySearch For Anything You Want

No matter what you want to eat, powerful and fully configurable EzySearch makes it simple to find what you want.  After storing all those irresistible recipes, you will get them when you need them and EzySearch helps you to find them in different ways:

Search Options


You can search for the recipe by name.  Even if you only remember part of the recipe's name, you can enter a word such as “stew” to find what you need.

Search by using only certain ingredients, such as apples and chicken, to find a variety of recipes made with these ingredients.  This makes it easy to plan meals around what you already have in your cupboards.

Search by using any ingredient of your choice to review your options and see if you feel like chicken with broccoli, chicken with cheese or chicken with bacon.

You can search recipes that contain at least all the ingredients, such as chicken and bacon, and you will get recipes for meals that only have chicken and bacon in them.