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EzyEating Measures Your Meals


EzyEating has an EzyConverter that enables you to easily convert measurement units from metric to imperial or imperial to metric.  You can also change the default number of serves to accommodate the number of people you are normally feeding with the EzyEating recipe management software.

EzyConverter isnít limited to only converting between Imperial and Metric units, but can also convert between a large variety of other units.

Once you customize and convert your recipes, EzyEating Database Backup will back them up to your active database to ensure you have your favorites forever.  You can create a new database to organize your recipes and delete the ones you no longer need.  When you purchase EzyEating, you will get a large number of recipes that you can import once you select the recipes you want.  EzyEating has a simple option to import them into your database so you have them right at your fingertips in one easy place.

EzyEating also gives you the calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates and sodium for recipes so you can make healthy selections.  Diabetics, heart patients and overweight or underweight people on a special diet can customize their daily or weekly menus based on their unique dietary needs.

And of course, users of Simply EzyEating can upgrade their database to make sure they do not lose any of their valuable recipes.

Consider the benefits of these updated EzyEating features:

- You can use any recipe from anywhere in the world and have the measurements converted in moments with the EzyConverter;
- Once you find your favorite recipes, you can back them up with the EzyEating Database Backup so you always have them.
- XML recipes are easily and conveniently imported into your database.
- No matter what your dietary requirements, you can find meals to suit your personal needs with the nutritional information provided by the EzyEating recipe software.
- Meal sizes can be automatically adjusted based on the number of servings.