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We also receive unsolicited comments from people about EzyEating. Some of these comments have been included here so you can see for yourself what our customers think of this wonderful product!

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"After just 5mins of playing with this I love it - every working woman should have it!"

- Ngaire, NSW




"Great software. Very well thought out"

- Jennifer, California




"Excellent program, Excellent service."

- Lene, Queensland




"Good software. Fast, easy download, and easy to use program."

- Sharon, NSW




"Simple to download program and easy to use. Great stuff."

- Ray, Victoria




"Just what I've been looking for. So easy to use."

- Lyn, NSW




"Great product - friendly emails - No hassle service"

- Charlie, New York




"I've been wanting a program like this for ages"

- Kirsty, NSW




"Fantastic. Set out so simply. Thankyou. A+"

- Ken, Phoenix