10 of the best places for a vegan barbecue in the United States



Seitan on the Grill at Monk’s Vegan Smokehouse – Photo courtesy of JPBEVINS

Vegan barbecue may seem like a contradiction in terms. Most people associate summer barbecue with sizzling meat on the grill, but what really makes a barbecue meal so delicious are the sauces, spices, and smoked preparations. It’s also the indefinable little magic that happens when a chef turns ingredients into a delicious masterpiece.

If you’ve ever eaten at one of our top barbecue restaurant picks in the United States, you know that vegan-style barbecue can be just as delicious as meat-based barbecue. Whether you’re a vegan or an omnivore, you’ll find tasty barbecue dishes at these vibrant restaurants.

Monk’s Vegan Smoker | Brooklyn, New York

Delicious vegan barbecue and sides at Monk's vegan smokehouseDelicious vegan barbecue and sides at Monk’s Vegan Smokehouse – Photo courtesy of JPBEVINS

As New York’s premier plant-based barbecue restaurant, Monk’s Vegan Smokehouse serves an extensive vegan barbecue menu. Their vegan barbecue is made by cooking fresh, whole ingredients on real wood; the savory fare is slowly cooked over time for authentic barbecue flavors.

Executive chef Chris Kim and his (life and business) partner Rebecca Lopez-Howes aim to make vegan food less intimidating for newcomers. Some of their barbecue dishes include seitan sandwiches and salads.

Vegan Mob | Oakland, California

Some of the delicious meals from Vegan MobSome of the delicious meals from the Vegan Mob – Photo courtesy of Toni Zernik and Maya Cameron-Gordon

Located in Oakland, CA, Vegan Mob serves vegan barbecue and soul food. One of their most popular dishes is “barbequito”, a tortilla stuffed with vegan brisket, Mob sauce, macaroni, barbecued beans, coleslaw and guacamole. Seasoned barbecue fries are also a big hit.

Executive Chef, CEO and Founder Toriano Gordon loves bringing all his dishes to life in a plant-based form, and that passion is evident in every tasty dish on the menu.

The Acre | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Jacquier BBQ de l'AcreJackfruit BBQ The Acre – Photo courtesy of The Acre

Since barbecue is a quintessential American dish, Shawn Weed, chef and owner of The Acre, decided to serve up a Western-style barbecue. It’s slowly crafted with fresh ingredients, a touch of Tennessee whiskey, and lots of love. A very popular dish at The Acre is the BBQ jackfruit which is served on a sandwich or in a combo plate.

Imagine Vegan Café | Memphis, Tennessee

A popular Memphis-style vegan barbecue sandwich at Imagine Vegan CafeA popular Memphis-style vegan barbecue sandwich at Imagine Vegan Cafe – Photo courtesy of Anna Davis Yancey – Elements Images

The Imagine Vegan Cafe is right in the middle of barbecue country in Memphis, where a platter of sandwiches is a staple. Their mouthwatering barbecue is the perfect alternative to pork, with all the southern comforts and goodness you could want.

As the name suggests, everything is vegan here, and this barbecue is made with wheat and soy based “meat” with a hearty texture, topped with a rich and tangy sauce. It is served with a creamy coleslaw, baked beans and fries. They also serve vegan barbecue nachos.

The V of the South | Nashville, Tennessee

Vegan BBQ Nachos from the South VSouthern V’s BBQ Vegan Nachos – Photo courtesy of The Southern V

Clifton and Tiffany Hancock, owners of Southern V, say it would be blasphemous not to have barbecue on their menu given the name of their restaurant. After all, barbecue is in the top ten of most Southern “comfort foods”.

Some of the beloved barbecue dishes that you can find at this wellness restaurant include the BBQ jackfruit sandwich and the BBQ jackfruit nachos.

Vegan Time Food Truck | Mobile, Alabama

Vegan oyster mushrooms at the Vegan Time Food TruckVegan Oyster Mushrooms at the Vegan Time Food Truck – Photo courtesy of Chef Eddie

Chef Eddie Augusta owns and operates the Vegan Time Food Truck in Mobile, Alabama. He is a pioneer of herbal cuisine in the town of Azalea. Once you’ve tried their vegan grilled oyster mushrooms, you’ll start planning your next trip to find out more. They also serve delicious vegan barbecue pizza. Their alkaline barbecue sauce is made from scratch.

Grass VBQ | Stone Mountain, Georgia

VBQ GrassGrass VBQ – Photo courtesy of Thomas Forman, Jr.

“People have a misconception about what barbecue really is. Barbecuing is a technique that uses fire and smoke to cook food. We apply these same methods and techniques to deliver the best plant-based vegan barbecue in the world, ”says Chef Terry Sargent.

His restaurant Grass VBQ started out as a pop-up, then it was established as a restaurant in 2019. It uses the term VBQ to refer to vegan barbecue. Its homemade “veef” smoked brisket is cooked with VBQ sauce.

Kingdom of Seitan | Columbus, Ohio

Kingdom of Seitan in Columbus, OhioKingdom of Seitan in Columbus, Ohio – Photo courtesy of Seitan’s Realm

Columbus has a vibrant vegan food scene, and Seitan’s Realm is a fun place to enjoy the barbecue. His signature barbecue dish is the Notorious BBQ. This dish consists of their hand-grated smoked “porq” topped with homemade barbecue sauce. It is served with coleslaw and macaroni and cheese. Served on a sesame seed bun, it will be a hit with everyone.

Setain’s Realm also serves popular barbecue seitan wingz dipped in barbecue sauce.

Southern Fried Vegan | La Jolla, California

Shawn DeLeo decided to serve delicious vegan comfort food to communities that don’t have them. He has visited the United States before with his comfort food and served vegan barbecue in 32 states.

At DeLeo’s Southern Fried Vegan restaurant, La Jolla, their smoky and spicy barbecue is deliciously unique with layers of flavor. The BBQ plate and the Beer-Cheeze Battered Beyond Burger are among the most popular dishes.

House smoker | Portland, Oregon

The Homegrown Smoker has been serving vegan barbecue since 2009. Their menu includes BBQ Beans, which consists of white beans simmered in the restaurant’s homemade barbecue sauce with garlic, onions and spices.

Macnocheeto’s main course includes grilled smoked soy curls with peppers and onions. It’s wrapped in a toasted tortilla with macnocheese, BBQ beans and the restaurant’s homemade barbecue sauce.


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