10 vegan food trends that are taking over TikTok, from dairy-free cheese to vegan chicken



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There has been a huge surge in interest in plant-based foods in recent years, and social media trends can be a huge indicator of consumer demand. Google Trends, for example, set an all-time high for vegan search terms in 2020, doubling the level seen just five years ago. While Google is still the world’s largest search engine, one social media platform – TikTok – has taken the world by storm with its billion monthly users.

So we were wondering what are the most popular vegan foods on TikTok, literally totaling billions of views worldwide? Data collected by vegetable start-up Chewsy revealed that videos on TikTok with the hashtag “#vegan” have been viewed 8.1 billion times and ranked among the top ten most popular vegan foods with the most views.

1. Vegan cheese – 20.1 million views

Plant-based feta developed by Stockeld Dreamery. (Source: Stockeld Dreamery)
Queens of Alt Protein Item Banner

Did you know: Plant-based cheese currently represents a global market of US $ 2.7 billion and is expected to double to over US $ 4.5 billion by 2025.

2. Vegan Chicken – 16.6 million views

Plant Based Chicken Katsu Curry made with Singapore Vegan Chicken Brand Tindle. (Source package: Tindle / Next Gen)

Did you know: Atlas Monroe, a startup founded by a black woman in Los Angeles, is poised to become the world’s largest maker of plant-based fried chicken.

3. Vegan ice cream – 13.3 million

NotCo’s dairy-free vegan ice cream. (Source package: NotCo)

Did you know: The vegan gelato brand Sacred Serve is the first startup to launch 100% plastic-free and recyclable ice cream cartons.

4. Vegan smoothies – 12.9 million

Vegan smoothie. (Source package: Pexels)

Did you know: Summer is just around the corner and we love these four delicious, super refreshing herbal smoothie recipes.

5. Vegan cookies – 10.6 million

Vegan cookie from Sai Kung Cookie Co. (Source: Sai Kung Cookie Co.)

Did you know: There are now vegan cookies all over Hong Kong city, from matcha to choc-chip – you can check them out here.

6. Vegan pasta – 9.6 million

Vegan summer pasta by Lazy Kat Kitchen. (Source: Lazy Kat Kitchen)

Did you know: California food tech Prime Roots recently launched a line of 100% plant-based dumplings filled with bacon made with koji, chicken, lobster and more.

7. Vegan burger – 8.6 million

Plant-based burger developed by Oumph! (Source: Oumph!)

Did you know: Beyond Meat has just released a new version of its famous Beyond Burger, which contains 35% less fat and fewer calories.

8. Vegan Tacos – 8.5 million

Impossible Foods Plant-Based Tacos in Cali-Mex. (Source package: Cali-Mex)

Did you know: Taco Bell is testing a brand new meatless taco made with its new protein made from chickpeas and peas.

9. Vegan cake – 7.8 million

Hazel & Cacao Raw Avocado Vegan Cake. (Source: Hazel & Cacao)

Did you know: Plant-based cooking isn’t as difficult as you might think – you can easily substitute eggs for these six natural vegan ingredients.

10. Vegan milk – 7.4 million

Almond milk. (Source: iStock)

Did you know: Swedish oat milk giant Oatly is about to launch its IPO on the US stock market and could seek a valuation of US $ 10 billion.

Main image courtesy of Tofurky.


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