2021 # Sashti fasting in Tiruchendur during Sashti waxing # Devotees are not allowed


2021 # Sashti fasting in Tiruchendur during waxing Sashti # Devotees are not allowed !!!

It is very special to have the Sashti fast on Sashti Day which falls in the month of Karthika. Although Sashti Tithi falls on the 6th day of every month after full moon and new moon. This Kandha Sashti fast, followed by the Surasamhara event, usually takes place in the 6th Battalion of Lord Murugan’s Six Houses in Thiruchendur. Thursday November 4 – Beginning of the Kandha Sashti fast. The Surasamaharam event will take place at all temples in Murugan on Tuesday, November 9. Married to Lord Murugan on Wednesday 10 November. The sashti fast is very special in Thiruchendur. Thousands of devotees fast each year on the temple premises and it is customary for millions of devotees to attend the Surasamara event.

The temple administration has placed several restrictions on worshipers’ attendance this year due to fears about the crown. Private organizations are not allowed to donate. Every year, millions of devotees gather at the Surasamharam event held on thiruchendur beach. Devotees were denied permission to attend the events of Surasamaharam and Tirukkalyana on November 9 of this year. television was invited to watch the event on its website. As a result, Lord Murugan’s followers were unable to attend these important events in person this year.

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