The nonprofit Planted Society of Austin has partnered with the City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability to promote an initiative that raises awareness of the role of food in climate change. The inaugural challenge, called Plant-Based for the Planet, encourages customers to choose plant-based options as a strategy to reduce their carbon footprint.

28 Austin restaurants are joining the initiative, with more expected to join throughout. Many are creating new dishes, while others are offering discounts, free add-ons, or promoting their existing plant-based options. The challenge begins on November 1: World Vegan Day and continues through November, which is celebrated as World Vegan Month.

“Austinians care about climate change, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about how much we have to sacrifice to reduce our carbon footprint.” says Britty Mann, executive director of the Planted Society. “This challenge provides an easy way for every Austinite to make an impact, even just by dining at their favorite neighborhood restaurants.”

Planted Society has chosen to partner with local establishments for this initiative, allowing customers to support small businesses and help the environment at the same time. They will present several local vegan restaurants as well as the other 28 partners.

Planted Society will encourage more restaurants to join throughout the month, aiming to reach at least 30 partners by December. At the end of the challenge, diners will vote for the best vegan options offered during the initiative and compete to receive eco-friendly prizes from participating sponsors.

“At Grove Wine Bar, we welcome all food preferences, including vegan and plant-based. Many members of our Grove community are passionate about their diet, which inspires us to offer plant-based options. local.

  • Beth Lasita, Grove Wine Bar

“Many people overlook the healing benefits of eating vegetables and fruits. Not only is it good for the environment, but it’s also better for your health.”

  • Jesus Mendoza, Mr. Natural

“Pre-Hispanic Mexican cuisine comes entirely from the land; it’s herbal. When the Spaniards arrived, they brought most animal protein. So what we’re trying to do is recreate the pre-Hispanic piece, bring in the veggies and legumes and have enough protein to make it a meal, like they did then.

  • Chef Blanca Zesati, Fonda San Miguel

Strong points

28 participating restaurants across Austin, with hopes more will be inspired to sign up before December
Bars & Breweries
Local Grocery
Japanese, American, Indian, BBQ, Vietnamese, Chinese, Inland and Coastal Mexican, Caribbean, Southwest and Northeast US cuisines

The initiative will also feature existing local vegan stores throughout the month to highlight businesses that are fully committed to the plant-based movement.

Sponsored by the City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability, VegFund, Cinnaholic and more.
It’s also a challenge – we encourage the community to sign up to receive our newsletter, where we’ll include links to vote on
favorites at the end of the challenge, plus random prizes from eco-friendly sponsors.
Visit www.plantedsociety.org/plantbasedfortheplanet to learn more.

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