5 plant-based foods that provide as much protein as eggs


World Vegan Day 2021: A vegan diet consists of the consumption of plant-based foods and prohibits the consumption of food products of animal origin. Many people prefer to switch to a vegan diet these days. There is a shift in consumption from meat-based consumption to plant-based consumption.Also Read – World Vegan Day 2021: Everything You Need To Know About The Vegan Diet, Explained | Watch the video

Veganism is a choice and it largely depends on the availability and affordability of products. People are slowly learning the pros and cons of a vegan diet. Many people think that the vegan diet lacks protein because animal products contain a higher amount of protein. Also Read – World Vegan Day 2021: All The Pros And Cons You Need To Know About The Vegan Diet

Here is a list of herbal products that provide as much protein as eggs: Also Read – Close Slaughterhouses and Butcher Shops on October 2 to Celebrate Mahatma Gandhi: PETA Urges PM Modi

  1. Nuts: Nuts are the best source for consuming healthy fats, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins. It can be eaten in any food format because it is very adaptive. Walnuts help manage weight, increase cognitive function, help build healthy muscles and bones.
  2. Lentils: Also known as dal, is a staple food in India. Lentils help meet the daily quota of protein, fiber, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. Along with this, lentil is considered an amazing food choice.
  3. Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds are considered a healthy snack option for vegans. It contains nutrients, proteins, antioxidants, healthy fats and other important components.
  4. Tofu: Tofu is made from soy milk. It is widely available in East and South East Asia. Tofu is a vital source of healthy nutrients like protein, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. It is the best substitute for meat products.
  5. Chickpea: Also known as chana, it helps improve cardiovascular health. Chickpea is a famous herbal food product and it helps control cholesterol and diabetes.

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