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Whether you had them in your lunchbox as a kid or eat them now for an on-the-go snack, granola bars continue to be a hit with people of all ages. According to data from IRI (Chicago) for the past 52 weeks, the “granola bars” category generated $1.468 billion in sales, with an 8.9% increase over last year with Nature Valley in head, generating $616 million in sales.

Based on the data, it’s safe to say that demand for granola bars isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That said, not all granola bars are created equal, meaning they don’t all contain the healthiest ingredients.

“A high-quality granola bar will contain at least 3 grams of fiber from whole grains, healthy fats and proteins from nuts and seeds, and no more than 6 grams of added sugar from natural sources like dried fruit or honey,” says Danielle McAvoy, Senior Director of Nutrition for Territory Foods. In addition, Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN and co-founder of MIJA, adds that a granola bar with high-quality ingredients will ideally contain no preservatives or artificial colors.

Keeping all this information in mind, here is eight granola bars that use the highest quality ingredients that you can pick up on your next trip to the grocery store.

Courtesy of 88 Acres

Breanna Woods, MS, RD, Registered Dietitian for Blogilates, says these are one of her favorite granola bars with 3 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein. This granola bar has a list of ingredients you can actually read: certified gluten-free oats, dried blueberries, organic lemon oil, sea salt, and more. To top it off, the seeds have a host of health benefits from helping to lower cholesterol levels to creating more red blood cells, giving this granola bar a leg up on its competition.

Gold Emblem Honey Oatmeal Crispy Granola Bars

Sammi Haber Brondo, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, loves these granola bars because they’re high in whole grains, a high-quality ingredient you’ll want to look for in this popular snack. Made with whole grain oats and honey to name a few ingredients, you’ll be greeted with a sweet and crunchy granola bar that’s perfect for a morning pick-me-up or mid-afternoon snack.

Core Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter Chilled Oat Bar
Courtesy of Core Foods

If you’re craving a sweeter granola bar, you might want to consider this chocolate-peanut butter hybrid. “The Basic Bars are a great example of a clean, whole-food granola bar with a good balance of fiber, fat, protein, and no added sugar,” McAvoy says. Not only does it contain probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins D and C and zinc, but it is also made with gluten-free whole grain oats, peanuts and dates, to name just a few of the ingredients of high quality.

Lara Bar Pecan Pie
Lara Bar / Facebook

Koszyk generally recommends choosing granola bars with less than 2 grams of added sugar if you’re using the bar as a snack. This Lara bar contains no added sugar and is made with only three ingredients: dates, pecans and almonds. Plus, it contains four grams of dietary fiber that will help improve digestive health and keep you satisfied for longer.

Grain Free Kashi Coconut Almond Chewy Granola Bars

Although this granola bar may have a little more added sugar than other four-gram bars, it’s made with high-quality ingredients that you can read like sunflower seeds, coconut, almonds, and honey. to name a few. Additionally, Brondo recommends avoiding sugar alcohols and there are none in these grain-free granola bars.

Kodiak Cakes Crispy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars
Courtesy of Hive Brands

You may be familiar with the brand’s pancake mix, but they also have delicious granola bars. Made with 100% whole grain rolled oats and semi-sweet chocolate chips, this granola bar is reminiscent of your favorite chocolate chip cookie while filling you with 10 grams of protein and two grams of dietary fiber.

Bob's Red Mill Peanut Butter Banana & Oats Bob's Bar

A peanut butter banana is a classic snack, but if you really want to elevate it, consider adding some oats. Inside, you’ll find just eight ingredients: whole grain oats, organic tapioca syrup, organic honey, banana, natural flavor, sea salt, and organic rosemary extract. Plus, this oat bar contains seven grams of protein, which is recommended to keep you full and satisfied.

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KIND Oats & Honey with Toasted Coconut
Courtesy of KIND Snacks

KIND bars like this are great if you’re looking for a granola bar with whole grains because its first ingredient is oats. Woods also likes these Kind granola bars, but they only contain 2 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein. “When I eat them as a snack, I either pair them with cheese for more protein or with berries for more fiber.”

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