A dietitian’s big deal with this food trend TikTok


However, as dietitian Cara Harbstreet explains in HuffPost, this is not an attack on the keto diet. She believes people with certain medical conditions could benefit from the diet, provided it is a “nutritionally balanced, medically supervised ketogenic diet.”

There are a few things that people who follow this lifestyle need to be aware of, Healthline says. Limiting carbohydrate intake and filling up on fats (like meats, eggs, and oils) is the easiest way to get your body into ketosis. However, fruits are allowed and even encouraged on the keto diet, according to Everyday Health. These include blackberries, raspberries, and, get this, watermelon.

While the cucumber and stevia challenge may be one of the biggest offenders, there are certainly other “healthy” TikTok trends that make dietitians’ eyes roll. Some of them, HuffPost notes, include a cucumber “all bagel” and ice cream that combines Jell-O with whipped cream. So before you embark on a TikTok food trend, make sure it’s healthy and safe for your nutritional intake, and won’t impact your overall health for the sake of a number on. the balance.

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