A Nutritionist Busts The Butter Myth That You Probably Still Believe


Put away your stewing pots and put away your margarine: there is a golden nutritional tip to read.

Although we’ve been beaten in the head for years and are told that butter, being high in saturated fat, will clog our arteries and choke us on the inside, according to nutrition trainer Max Lugavere, this no. perhaps not quite the case.

In fact, according to him, it’s a better cooking alternative than many oils.

Lugavere, who is a New York Times television personality, science journalist and bestselling author, took to Instagram on Saturday with a message for his followers.

Crediting his nutritionist friend Ryan Carter with the post, Lugavere wrote, “When ordering eggs and then asking that they be cooked in butter instead of pseudo-dietary fats. I still have to explain to the waiters that you shouldn’t be afraid of butter, it’s not a bad guy, it doesn’t cause heart disease.

“That the alternative is more likely to be the culprit for poor brain function, cognition, memory, and allowing poor and weak integrity and permeability to cell membranes around the whole body.” Rather important. “

“It’s so unfortunate. I am grateful that in my childhood my mom made me homemade meals (perhaps outweighing these issues to some extent), but with vegetable oils or even low-matter margarine / spreads. fat all over.

“Who could blame him?” This is just what society, food lobbies, and government and agricultural alliances promoted then and still do today. There is no big butter lobby that can compete with the cheap grain and seed oils sporting the healthy red heart logo that we have all seen and trusted.

“It’s confusing.”

“The steps to make these spreads are disgusting. Bleach? High temperatures, emulsification, hexane (nerve toxin), deodorization (hello trans fats), add your synthetic colors, your “vitamins” and allow the fats to oxidize in the hot environment of the restaurant kitchen where the same oil can be reused in hundreds of meals. “

“This message does not mean that butter is a super food. It’s impressive, contains a surplus of potentially beneficial compounds and retinol. Great for your brain, nervous system, vision and hormones. But you don’t need to go through a block a day (I personally do about a tablespoon a day). “

“The butter tastes pretty amazing. You really can’t deny it. It is also nose to tail eating, that is, getting the most out of the whole animal, while proving and sequestering carbon in the soil by investing in well-elevated sources of regeneration.

“I now cook with butter with ground beef and onions, garlic, tomatoes, spices and herbs.
We need to unlearn and re-educate ourselves to real food and not to the pseudo-food promoted by pseudo science.

The commentator responded with a remark that perhaps crossed many minds: “Just curious – what about the saturated fat content in butter? Of course, moderation is in mind when consuming butter, but conventional thinking has downplayed saturated fat intake in favor of “healthy” unsaturated fat due to associations with long-term cardiovascular issues.

Lugavere replied, “It’s proportionately high. No need to fear it, but don’t overdo it for several reasons. “

Carter’s page is full of nutrition-boosting ideas like this, and is especially good at comparing modern habits with old ones (without falling into the trap that many Paleo warriors make of assuming just because something is older, it’s better).

Put it in your pan and fry it.

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