A vegan flourless acai pancake recipe packed with antioxidants


You may have added berries to your batter, but have you ever made real pancakes infused with superfoods? These açaí pancakes are vegan, flourless, and packed with antioxidants that make their açaí namesake a nutrition superstar. And they are actually very easy to prepare!

“These pancakes are simple, super easy to make, and stay with you all morning,” writes professional herbal chef Bailey Ruskus in To cook. To tend to. Become a vegetarian! “Oats and bananas are packed with fiber and are the main ingredients in this recipe, which will keep you full and full for hours. The added acai is a great food for these already nutritious pancakes. “

The ingredient list is almost more like a list that would be right at home in our favorite smoothies, and the similarities don’t end there – this paste comes together in the blender, making it a lot easier to make. Ruskus even recommends making the dough ahead of time, for stress-free pancakes anytime.

“Prepare the dough ahead of time over the weekend and store it in a mixing bottle for easy pouring when you’re in a rush during the week,” she explains. “Just heat the pan, shake the dough, pour it in and voila!

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