‘A year later, I’ve lost 55 pounds’: Chef Ree Drummond shares her weight loss journey

Celebrity chef, cookery show host, cookbook author, and restaurant and bakery owner, Chef Ree Drummond is a household name on television. She whipped countless lip-smacking dishes for gourmets around the world, some of which are now absolute classics.

She recently took to Instagram to share lessons from her year-long weight loss journey from January last year to February this year, during which, Drummond wrote in her blog, she lost 55 pounds (25 kg).

On Instagram, she opened up about what motivated her to start her weight loss journey: “One year ago, on a dark and stormy night, I decided it was time for me to change a few bad habits and trying to be healthier. My child was going to be married a few months later, and also… I had no spring and I really wanted some. So towards the end of January 2021, I jumped in.

Here are some key takeaways from her simple yet effective weight loss approach, without special foods or diets like keto, paleo, or intermittent fasting.

start strictly

Drummond shared that she started her weight loss journey in strict caloric deficit and training program, which she relaxed after five months. This discipline has allowed him not to count the calories of each food for the past few months.

Build a strong muscle base

Drummond said developing both small and large muscles by doing lunges, squats and deadlifts helped her lose weight consistently, even as she strayed from the trail for a few days.

Train the body to eat smaller portions

She also weighed her food and count calories eating smaller portions of food – one of the main pillars of weight loss. Drummond wrote that she eats everything she likes, but in smaller portions.

Alcohol in moderation

In one previous postwe have cited Dr. Bhuvan Rastogi’s findings which align with Drummond’s approach to alcohol consumption — consumed in moderation, alcohol does not make you fat. However, Drummond said she stayed away at the initial stage and when she started having it, she continued to make sure she didn’t consume sugary/syrupy drinks.

Move more regularly

A recent study published in the Obesity Journal stated that moving more rather than structured exercises can keep the weight off. This is also the approach that Drummond has taken. She wrote that she prioritized movement even when her workout routine had deteriorated due to other priorities. Even if you can’t exercise, move more by walking around the house, taking the stairs or, like Drummond, working at a standing desk.

No food bans

Nutritionists have stressed the importance of don’t restrict yourself to the point of failing when it comes to a weight loss diet. Drummond also did the same. While she was more strict during her nascent phase, she gradually allowed herself to have everything in moderation and control while consuming protein-rich foods such as egg whites, chicken, fish, lean beef, plain Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, Swiss cheese and black. , leafy vegetables.

Drummond shared that she now has a better understanding of portion control and is not just about eating whatever she wants. (Photo: Pexels)

Be more aware of wasted calorie consumption

The wasted calories, Drummond explained, are sugary sodas, cookies, cakes, potato chips, donuts, etc. She shared the importance of understanding what constitutes calories – sugary foods or lean proteins that will help build muscle. While having a donut on some days is totally okay, it’s also important to be aware of it.

Changing perspective versus changing lifestyle

Drummond argued that her weight loss journey is all about changing her perspective on her portion sizes, exercise, sitting or standing, etc., but her lifestyle remains the same. She says after weight loss she feels stronger, motivated, has more energy, is physically and mentally well balanced, smiles more and is comfortable wearing clothes that she was not before.

“Wellbeing ripples through every aspect of my life. And it changed my outlook on things,” she concluded.

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