All Y’alls Foods, a Dallas deli company, makes plant-based vegan snacks

Dallas-area company making waves in vegan food: Called All Y’alls foodsthey are famous for their line of plant-based cured meats, sold at grocery stores and outlets such as HEB, Cox Farms, Lucky Mouth Grocery, Mashup Market and Nature’s Plate.

All Y’alls Foods was founded in Cross Roads, Denton County, in 2018 by Brett Christoffel, who made the late transition from avid carnivore to vegan. He became a lawyer, even publishing a book about animals called Nutrition Truths.

“I learned that beef is Texas’ second-largest export after cotton, and loving cows as much as I love all animals, that moved me deeply,” he said. said in 2021. “So I decided to do something and started All Y’alls Foods.”

They have three flavors of jerky:

  • Black Pepper & Sea Salt, the traditional
  • Prickly Pear Teriyaki, with a hint of ginger
  • Prickly pear chipotle, tangy and sweet

Each flavor represents a different region of the state: black pepper and sea salt are inspired by the Gulf Coast of Texas. The prickly pear teriyaki represents the prairies and lakes, and the prickly pear chipotle, a little sweet and a little tangy, represents the plains of South Texas. A 2.69-ounce pack costs $7, but you can also get them in 6-packs for $41.94.

In 2020, they launched their plant-based bacon bits, called It’s Bacony Bits Y”all – oversized crispy bacon bits made from non-GMO whole soybeans and seasoned with tamari, cider vinegar from apple and a mix of spices – and those have become their best seller.

Christoffel says the market for plant-based jerky is growing, as are healthier snacks, plant-based proteins and gluten-free foods.

“July was our best month this year, and next month we’re going to expand into convenience stores,” he says. “I have never been more excited or had more confirmation in the growth of the herbal space and All Y’alls products than now.”

Although snacking is the most common option, jerky can be added to different types of recipes, such as a topping on a pizza.

Jerkies are made from non-GMO soy; soy got an unfair bad rap after a campaign by the dairy industry.

“We make our snacks from non-GMO whole soybeans and not its isolates,” he says. “There are a lot of rumors about soybeans, like it contains estrogen, which is not true and has been repeatedly denied. The reality is that soybeans have tons of fantastic benefits. Whole, non-GMO soybeans are a high-quality, complete plant-based protein, containing all nine amino acids needed by the body to optimize its intake.”

The company donates a portion of all sales to support Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, a unique cattle operation east of San Antonio that vegan activist Renee King Sonnen and her ex-cattle rancher, Tommy Sonnen, have turned into farm animal sanctuary. Through their rancher advocacy program, the couple is also helping other ranchers make the transition to plant-based agriculture.

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