Anupama saves Vanraj from humiliation


MUMBAI: Anupama and Vanraj eagerly await patrons of the dance academy and cafes. A man enrolls his daughter in the Anu Dance Academy. Vanraj feels happy for Anu. Parents continually enroll their children in Anu Academy. Anu asks them to sit in the cafe until the formalities are finished, but they refuse. Kavya complains to Vanraj that Anu gets many admissions but hasn’t even turned a single customer to a cafe. Vanraj says she can’t force clients at gunpoint. Toshu tells Kinjal he needs to talk to him. She says she’s already tense without a single customer at the cafe. He says she knows he wants to talk, but she deliberately avoids him. She says when he knows he shouldn’t force her. He gets a call and leaves saying he will talk to her later. In the evening, Kavya shouts that not even a single customer has come so far and that instead of wasting time, they should therefore go home. Baa asks her to go home if she wishes. Anu tries to calm Kavya down and says the customers are going to visit him. Kavya yells as she acts like all the tables are full of customers. Anu has an idea and asks the family members to sit on each table imitating a customer. Kavya continues to scream and dispute that even if only one customer comes he can change his name.

A young couple walks around seeing the new place. Anu and Vanraj greet them. Kinjal asks Kavya if she should change her name to champakali. A couple ask for a menu, and the girl orders a keto burger. Vanraj says they have a cheese burger. The girl asks if they don’t have a keto burger and tries to leave. Kavya shouts. Vanraj stops the couple and asks the chef to make a keto burger soon. The chief says he doesn’t know. Anu rushes into the kitchen. Kavya screams if she knows anything other than theplas. Vanraj asks if she knows how to make a keto burger. Anu says she made it for Pakhi’s birthday on his birthday and is making one. Vanraj serves a burger. The girl asks what it was. Kavya tries to humiliate Anu again. The girl says it’s heaven, a perfect combination of taste and health and asks to get 1 more here and 6 packages. The family is happy to hear that. Anu prepares burgers and packs them for the customer. The client says the chef rocks, pays and leaves promising to recommend this place to his friends. The family rejoices. Vanraj gives the first merit of his coffee to Anu, and his family praises Anu. Jealous Kavya yells that they should shut down the cafe before getting fined. Bapuji corrects her. Mamaji jokes as usual. Vanraj tells Anu he made 1300 rs on day one and insists on revealing his winnings. Anu says 6,500 rs. He says he should steal it then, offers his friendship and says they have been together for 25 years, but he has understood the meaning of friendship now. Anu laughs.

The next morning, Kinjal is busy in a phone meeting when Pakhi asks Samar to serve him breakfast. Their argument begins. Baa warns them to stop as the Kinjal meeting continues. Kavya says she’s going to make her breakfast. Pakhi thanks her. Vanraj introduced Bapuji wearing a safari costume. Mamaji jokes that he looks like his jijaji. Bapuji says yadon ki barat, I am your jijaji. The family is happy to see their new avatar. Baa says he wore this costume on his retirement day and returned home with a congratulatory garland and a wall clock gift. Anu describes how he fixed the clock. Bapuji speaks with emotion. Kinjal tells Vanraj that he will be heading to the cafe after his office hours. Vanraj nods in agreement. Toshu calls Kinjal and informs that Rakhi invited them to dinner tonight and insists. Kinjal hesitates at first, but accepts and informs Vanraj. Vanraj allows him and asks Kavya to accompany him to the cafe. Kavya yells that he should take Anu’s help as she can help him in the kitchen and cheer him up.

MORE: Anu Tells Vanraj Today Will Be Better Than Yesterday. Vanraj says he’s been doing his job from the start and is feeling nervous. Anu says there is business in Gujrati’s blood. Vanraj waits for the clients until the evening and hopes that Kavya’s words will not come true.

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