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As a successful entrepreneur, Melanie Avalon has always ventured to learn something new. His biohacking journey began with hosting the best iTunes podcasts. Melanie Avalon’s biohacking podcast and The Intermittent Fasting Podcast, that have received millions of downloads. Whether it’s sharing his own experiences or bringing in experts who share their valuable knowledge, his shows quench the audience’s thirst for insight. While Melanie shares her existing expertise with her audience, she also constantly strives to explore new ideas. She tries and tests different “biohacking” techniques, to provide her audience with the most honest and unbiased feedback. Believing that no dietary answer alone can solve everyone’s health problems, Mélanie constantly invites renowned guests, experts in health and longevity, and who have different points of view.

As Melanie says, “There are also so many habits and ‘hacks’ that can bring a sense of health and peace, and it warms me to share them with others. “

Over the years, Melanie has developed a unique approach to biohacking. She not only inspires her subscribers to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but helps them maintain it. Melanie believes that since everything we eat right now helps us build our future cells, it is vitally important that we build these cells from the most compatible and non-toxic source materials possible. It offers a holistic approach to plants and animals, to maintain a sustainable diet. She believes that the most sustainable choices often come from farms practicing regenerative practices. This helps restore the soil, maximize nutrition per dollar, and minimize toxic substances that harm our planet.

To better guide her audience, Melanie is testing brands and gadgets that help maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. These include companies like BluBlox, which creates anti-blue light glasses; InsideTracker, which provides blood tests analyzed by ideal ranges rather than conventional ones, and provides personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations to lower one’s “inner age”; Butcher Box, which directly connects consumers with sustainable farmers, and many more! Considering the fact that Melanie is extremely picky in her recommendations, she scrutinizes all the brands that she partners with.

Mélanie has also published her book And when the wine: lose weight and feel good with paleo-style meals, intermittent fasting and wine, where she talks about the science of eating and how to eat well, drink wine while losing weight. She also developed the best iTunes app, Food guide, to help users identify their potential food sensitivities and minimize food reactions.

Even though the world of biohacking can be overwhelming at first, Melanie Avalon breaks this barrier, making valuable information accessible to everyone.

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