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Don’t know much about the keto diet? Well, for starters, it’s extremely popular and a favorite of celebrities like LeBron James, the Kardashians and Halle Berry. To look for #keto on Instagram and you will find 20 million posts. And unlike many diets, it’s relatively simple. The focus is on eliminating carbs and replacing sugary foods with protein, non-starchy vegetables, and healthy fats.

It also has many advantages. Los Angeles-based clinical nutritionist and keto diet expert Juli Keen has worked with celebrities and professional athletes and discovered that keto is a tool, rather than a diet, to improve high-level performance in athletes. “We’re using keto, in this case, to help their bodies become more fat-friendly and metabolically flexible so they can last on the pitch or in the field much longer than their competition,” says- she.

Since many of us are working from home, snacking has become a daily temptation, and while Keene isn’t a big fan of snacking while on a keto plan, for those who can’t resist a meal between meals She recommends hard-boiled eggs or baked egg muffins with chopped veggies. “I also use hollowed-out avocado with chicken salad or egg salad in the middle,” she adds.

When it comes to packaged keto snacks, like the cult Magic Spoon cereal, Keene likes to pair celery and zucchini slices with guacamole, and points out BHU bars and Trader Joe’s Keto Fudge Bites. “I also like portion-controlled nut packets, but they contain carbs, so be careful with them,” she says.

From cookies to cauliflower wraps to caramel sauce, here are 15 more low-carb snacks (not all entirely carb-free, but close), keto-friendly to ease cravings when you’re on the go.

At 140 calories per serving (about eight mini cookies), this much appreciated treat is low in net carbs and sugar, and gluten and grain free. Noted for their texture, crunch and flavor, they draw comparisons to Chips Ahoy! by reviewers and also come in snickerdoodle, chocolate brownie, and buttery coconut flavors.

Kalahari Biltong Air Dried Beef Slices

Nibble this air-dried, keto-friendly sliced ​​beef which contains no carbs or sugar, is gluten and soy free and contains 32 grams of protein in each bag. With six simple ingredients (beef, vinegar, salt, pepper, chili powder, and cilantro), they’re great on their own but also delicious tossed into an omelet or salad. Choose from spicy flavors of peri peri, garlic, original chili and lime, all without carbs or sugar.

SuperFat Snickerdoodle Keto Cookie Bites

Reviews are in: These little cookies are not only keto and paleo friendly, they are also vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, and contain no refined or processed carbs. Also available in peanut butter chocolate chips and Chocolate Chip, they’re perfect for curbing a sweet tooth, with four 150-calorie cookies.

Outer Aisle Gourmet Thins Cauliflower Sandwich

Sometimes you just need a bread-like bite, which is tricky, of course, when eating keto. These fabulous little rounds not only do they taste great, they’re made only with cauliflower, eggs, parmesan and nutritional yeast, are gluten-free, and only cost you 50 calories per pop.

Dip in olive oil, grill and sprinkle with cheese, top with avocado or egg. We love the Italian flavor (a #1 bestseller on Amazon), but the original and the jalapeno are equally tasty. And for the pizza fanatics, do yourself a favor and try the pizza dough and wraps.

Lenny & Larry's Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie

Packed with 8 grams of plant-based protein and 5 grams of fiber, this grain-free and gluten-free vegan cookie deserves praise for its “just right” taste, texture and sweetness. Also available in Peanut Butter and coconut.

Quest Nutrition Protein Tortilla Chips

Rich in protein and fibre, those tortilla chips are available in flavors such as chili lime, ranch, and loaded taco. Reviewers say they taste exactly the same as Doritos, only better.

Assortment of ChocZero syrup

Think you can’t have ice cream on a keto diet? Think again ! Try this keto-friendly mason jar recipe and top it with Maple, chocolate or caramel syrup from ChocZero for a gourmet treat, but respectful of food. No sugar or preservatives and less than 40 calories per tablespoon? Go ahead and pour it thick.

Hilo Life Snack Mix Assortment

When you’re short on time or don’t have the patience for food prep, but still like to make snacks when you’re on the go, take these single-serve sachets. You get two “Really Ranchy” (Gouda Cheese and Pecan Chips) and “Super Cheesy” (Cheddar Cheese and Almond Chips) and “Piece-A-Pizza” (Crispy Mozzarella Cheese and Nuts), each pouch containing 4 grams or less of net carbs and no added sugars or sweeteners.

BRAMI Keto Lupini Bean Dip

Keep it clean and dip some carrots and vegetables in this lupin hummus, made with extra virgin olive oil and without artificial ingredients. Plus, the containers are stable on the shelves, so you can grab one whenever the afternoon snack attack hits you.

Almond Butter Perfect Keto Brownie Snack Bars

Do you tend to get hungry after a workout, on a road trip or just anytime? These 230-calorie, keto-approved high-protein bars (10 grams each) contain 19 grams of healthy fats and are sweetened with stevia – not only to satisfy your sweet tooth, but also to fill you up. (Tip: In a pinch, they also make a great breakfast on the go.)

SlimFast Keto Peanut Butter Fat Bomb

Can’t end the day without a little dessert? We feel you. In each box you get 14 flavorful, individually wrapped peanut butter cups – aka fat bombs in the keto world – made with whey protein and collagen, with no gluten or added sugar. Oh, and at only 90 calories per pop, you could just go ahead and eat two the next time you crave sugar.

Assorted Whisps Cheese Chips

Made simply with 100% artisanal cheese, these gluten-free and keto-friendly chips are rich in protein and calcium. Available in Parmesan, Cheddar, Asiago and Pepper Jack, Tomato Basil and BBQ Bacon, this #1 Amazon Variety Pack lets you taste all the flavors in one purchase. Eat them as a replacement for chips or fries, toss them into a soup or salad, or — our favorite — enjoy them with a keto-approved glass of wine.

Low Karb Keto Blueberry Walnut Granola

Grain-free, gluten-free, no added sugar and 16 grams of healthy fats per serving? Next time a snack attack hits, grab a handful of this delicious nut granola. Eat it plain or topped with almond milk or a little Greek yogurt to curb those cravings.

Keto Farms Crispy Cheese Assortment

Do you have a problem with portion control? Same here. This is why we insist on these individual packages filled with seasoned nuts and crunchy cheese, weighing in at 170 calories each. Keep a packet (flavors include sweet strawberry, nacho cheddar, and jalapeno cheese) tucked away in your purse, glove compartment, or desk drawer to avoid cheating on your keto meal plan.

Epic Wagyu Beef Steak Strips

Looking for a high-protein snack that will keep you on track with your keto meals? These strips of 100% grass-fed Wagyu beef come with 6 grams of protein per serving and contain an ingredient list of beef, honey, sea salt, black pepper, and garlic powder. Great to throw in your backpack while hiking or camping, and reviewers give them high marks for flavor and convenience.

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