Best vegan milks 2022: Oats, almonds and more


The amount of dairy-free milks now available is mind-boggling. From classic soy or oat milks to nut or potato based offerings – the big question is where to start?

Whether you’re newly vegan, lactose intolerant, or just trying to make eco-friendly choices in your fridge, there’s plenty to learn about the huge assortment on offer.

Some are much stronger environmentally, being produced locally from more sustainable ingredients. Others are ideal for those making the switch for health reasons, with several low-fat and low-calorie options.

Some dairy-free alternatives will unfortunately still curdle in your coffee, and others are way too sweet for tea.

However, nowadays the variety is so wide, which means that there are both great all-around products and more specialist products for those with a particular need in mind.

It goes far beyond the three bottle top colors in normal cow’s milk, so be prepared to try a few before you find your perfect match.

Luckily, we’ve done the full tasting for you. So whether you’re looking for the ultimate plant-based milk for your tea, cereal, or fancy coffees at home, we’ve got the one for you in this list of what we think is the best.

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Gaia’s Hemp & Coco Milk Chocolate


For something sweet to drink by the glass, Gaia’s Hemp and Coco Chocolate M*lk is hard to beat. Deliciously thick and creamy, this chocolate-flavored drink is reminiscent of childhood chocolate milkshakes. Sweet but not too much, it’s a decadent treat for any age and without any guilt. Made from a hemp base blended with coconut cream and sustainable cocoa, it’s only 55 calories per 100ml and contains no artificial flavors.

Oatly Oat Beverage Semi


A fridge staple – Oatly’s Oat drink Semi is our favorite as a versatile product to have around the house at all times. The drink is creamy and rich in flavor but not too sweet to overpower. It has a good thickness and consistency and best of all never curdles in strong coffee as you often see in soy alternatives. Oatly’s Oat Drink Semi is also reasonably priced and can now be easily found in most supermarkets.

Sproud Barista

Sproud Barista

Made from peas, Sproud Barista is surprisingly smooth and extremely creamy, making it a fantastic choice for home cafes with an edge. Powered by yellow split peas, it’s naturally high in protein and low in sugar and carbs. It’s also an incredibly sustainable choice because these peas put nitrogen back into the soil, helping to replenish organic matter and restore biodiversity. Rich in vitamins D and B12, with a subtle taste, it is an excellent all-rounder for hot drinks, cereals, baking.

DUG Original Potato Milk


Reading “potato milk” my taste buds were set for this drink to be weak and watery, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. DUG Original is exceptionally creamy, with a thickness that makes it decadent however you consume it. Due to its unique potato and rapeseed emulsion, this drink never separates, making it perfect for creamy coffees as well as baking. Made from the humble potato, it’s also a brilliantly sustainable choice, with potato crops requiring far less space and water than alternatives such as almonds or soybeans.

Alpro Almond Sugar Free


Having launched its first vegetable milk in 1980, Alpro is one of the oldest producers and offers a wide range of refined products. The top pick for me is the Alpro Almond with No Sugars. Made with lightly toasted Mediterranean almonds, this drink has a rich, nutty flavor, while remaining low in sugar and naturally low in fat. Due to its nut base, it avoids any oiliness and lasts well in tea and coffee without separating.

Nooj Creamy Cashew Paste


Unlike everyone else on this list, Nooj offers a whole new concept of dairy-free milk. The brand produces nut milk concentrate which is purchased as a paste in a small sachet – with customers adding water at home to create a milk drink. The idea is to drastically reduce packaging. Along with other plant milks containing up to 95% water, Nooj Pasta means that this water does not travel, but comes straight from your tap.

The concept also increases shelf life because you can make as much or as little as you need per serving. Once mixed, it becomes a tasty alternative to milk, with a pleasant nutty undertone. The paste can also be used extensively in cooking to replace things like ricotta, cream, and yogurt.

Lilk The Common Mix


Made with a blend of creamy oats and smooth rice, Lilk’s Common Blend is, to me, the closest thing to traditional cow’s milk. Neutral in taste, without the nutty or soy notes found in alternatives, Lilk has a natural sweetness that makes it perfect to drink by the glass. Free of artificial sweeteners and with a fantastic creamy texture, it’s also great for cooking, making it a fantastic all-rounder, especially for new plant-based milks.

Califia Farms Almond Vanilla Unsweetened


Unsweetened but with a hint of vanilla, Califia Farm Almond Milk is subtly sweetened and a delicious dairy-free alternative. Creamy, with a slight nutty taste, this milk does not contain sugar and contains only 17 calories per 100 ml. Despite this, the milk is deliciously creamy, which makes it brilliant in coffee, smoothies and for cooking.

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