Beyond Burger Vegan Shepherd’s Pie Reviews at Finnegan’s


As I have mentioned in other posts, customers ask for and expect better vegetarian / vegan food options at theme parks. Orlando area theme parks have responded to these demands by creating a wide variety of herbal options.

Universal Orlando has created excellent, non-traditional plant-based menu items at its full-service restaurants. One example is the Beyond Burger Vegan Shepherd’s Pie at Finnegan’s Bar and Grille. This Irish themed restaurant is located in the New York district of Universal Studios Florida theme park.

Photo by Kimmie Caputzal
This is the ground beef version of Shepherd’s Pie at Finnegan’s

I have eaten the non-vegetable shepherd’s pie at Finnegan’s before. FYI, I think I prefer the vegan version. Knowing that many guests are looking for better herbal options, I ordered the Vegan Shepherd’s Pie on a recent visit to Universal Orlando. I, of course, made them bring out the soda bread with apple butter. It’s not my favorite bread on the property, but it’s a nice touch with this restaurant.

The Beyond Burger Vegan Shepherd Pie costs $ 17.95. The menu description reads as follows:

“Green peas, carrots, celery, onion, mushrooms cooked in a saucepan topped with vegan red bliss mashed potatoes.” This starter, like the ground beef version, is served with root vegetables. Before we talk about the pie itself, the root vegetables were the worst part of this dish. Now it could have been my day. In all fairness, I’ve heard other 100% vegan diners (I don’t eat exclusively vegan) claim that the root vegetables are the best part.

by finnegan

For me that day the shepherd’s pie was amazing. It is a shepherd’s pie well layered. If you choose this dish, pay attention to the first bite. Layers retain heat (most of the time), so you might have a searing surprise from the first bite. This dish was filled with vegetable meat. I guess it was 50% of the dish.

Apparently I enjoy the Beyond style “meat” at least in this format. I have never been a big fan of eating this style of burger. However, I enjoyed the excellent taste combinations. Some of my exclusive vegan friends don’t like the flavor of Beyond products, so they wouldn’t rate this dish as high as I do. The product Beyond and the aroma given to it is the dominant force in this tasty dish. I saw it as a good thing. If you dine vegan, this dish should be a strong consideration when visiting Universal Orlando.

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