Bluff Park bakery known for its gluten-free options expands to Crestline


BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WBRC) – Six years ago, a small bakery opened in Bluff Park, becoming the first in the area to offer gluten-free and paleo-friendly options. Although this is a new option for the community, it actually arose out of the mother’s need to find the right food for her child.

“We started out just to meet the needs of my own family,” says Elizabeth Wood. “We were on a special diet for my son’s health and I couldn’t find the food I wanted to give him with clean ingredients anywhere, so I learned how to make them at home and wanted a place where he could choose whatever he wanted. “

The concept quickly developed when Wood partnered with a business partner to expand its business to include prepared meals for individuals and families. She says being able to help other families is the heart of their business.

“You see a kid come in and a parent say you can choose whatever you want, everything here is safe for you,” says Wood. It means a lot to help people with their different needs. A lot of times when you get a diagnosis or realize you need to stop eating a certain thing it’s hard to believe you’re still getting the right things, but we want to let people know that they always can! “

The menu includes everything from baked goodies like cupcakes and banana bread (all naturally sweetened with honey, pure maple syrup, or fruit) to chicken salad and full family dinners with meat. and accompaniments. They also offer gluten-free products like granola and pasta.

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“Just because we make gluten-free and paleo-free foods doesn’t mean you have to follow these diets to benefit from them. The only difference is that we use cleaner ingredients, ”says Wood. “I think everyone can enjoy our food, we are here to make dinner time easier for you and make healthy food delicious.”

They had actually planned to open the new location at 4500 Montevallo Road before the pandemic, but have been postponed. They technically opened the Crestline area location a year ago, but are now able to offer in-person tasting events. The first is set for Tuesday evening.

“We want to allow new customers to try the new food and get a feel for us! Come meet us and see what we are.

The free tasting is from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday. You can learn more about their menu and options here!

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