Brisbane company Muscle Nation makes huge deal with Coles with Custard protein bar


Two Australian friends can’t wipe the smiles from their faces after making a massive deal with Coles.

Chris Anastasi, 35, and Nathaniel Anthony, 31, started Muscle Nation from a small design office, packing and sending orders themselves from a friends room in Grandma’s house of Nathaniel, to build a multi-million dollar empire.

The company, which is only five years old, has grown rapidly during this time, from selling sportswear, supplements, to now healthy food with their latest item ‘gone’ off Coles shelves. .

After months of manual labor, and to their surprise, the boys managed to secure their first deal with a national supermarket, with Coles now exclusively selling their “crazy” Custard protein bar.

“It’s amazing we can’t stop smiling,” Chris told

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The Sydney-born father-of-two said the deal with Coles had been in the works for six to 12 months, with the initial plan to sell a single protein bar.

“Their minds were blown away by its great taste and it gave us the confidence to do more and they wanted all four flavors,” Chris said.

The 35-year-old former physical education teacher said that while most protein bars taste dry, chewy and “protein”, the ingredients they use, including their signature custard powder, give them a “dessert” taste – while maintaining the health benefits of a protein bar.

And after just three weeks on the shelves, the bars are already sold out, with the boys having to ramp up production to meet demand.

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“The Muscle Nation line has started rolling out in stores and we are already seeing fantastic results,” said Leanne White, Coles General Manager for Grocery.

“We have been following Muscle Nation’s journey closely for quite some time and have been impressed with the way they have built their brand and product offering,” she added.

Since its creation in 2016, the Muscle Nation brand has grown from a very small start-up, with Nathan’s brothers constituting the staff, to a huge team of over 60 people.

Chris said the deal with Coles is also a positive step forward for small Australian businesses hoping to break into a larger market.

“It’s not just Muscle Nation, it’s other local brands that have stepped in the door as well, which in my opinion was so difficult to do in the past,” he said. .

“Coles knowing that our brand has helped open up communication and their vision of changing the sport and diet section of their aisles has also helped. “

The boys, who went from using $ 100 Bunnings racks to store items to building their new 4000m² headquarters in Brisbane, have successfully created a multi-million dollar e-commerce platform. dollars in just five years – and they said they owed everything to their “amazing” two million community members.

“If you had told us when we started our Muscle Nation journey, from a small design office, packing and sending orders ourselves, that we would sell our products in a large supermarket like Coles in over 833 stores nationwide I’m not sure we would. Believe you, Nathaniel added.

“Chris and I have spent the past five years focusing on building our community and our business online, so seeing our brand on the shelves alongside well-established Australian and international brands is a great pleasure. “

As part of Coles launch, Muscle Nation is partnering with “Do Good Movement” charity to donate a percentage of sales to mental health charities to raise $ 50,000 over the next 12 months . The brand is also affiliated with eight other charities, including Breast Cancer Awareness and Hoodies for Homeless.

Protein bars for boys come in four flavors, including Cookies & Cream, Caramel Toffee, Choc Vanilla, and Choc Mint, for $ 4 each. Deployment of Coles.

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