Bruster’s Real Ice Cream relaunches its vegan ice cream line with 14 new flavors

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, an American chain of ice cream parlors, announces the relaunch of its line of non-dairy frozen desserts. Made with oat milk, the new line includes 14 vegan flavors that will be rotated at each Bruster location. the the relaunch marks one of QSR’s biggest rollouts of vegan ice cream to date.

Bruster’s operates nearly 200 independent locations in 22 states, as well as stores in Guyana and South Korea. The chain is known for serving up old-fashioned homemade ice cream scoops, cones and sundaes. For its dairy-free line, Bruster’s chose to work with oat milk, which it says “provides a superior, creamier product, rivaling any other product.”

© Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

“Superior taste and recipe”

The oat milk ice cream will be available in a range of cool flavors including Coffee Chocolate Chip, Raspberry Chocolate Truffle and Mint Chocolate Chip. Customers of Bruster’s Notes should check their neighborhood store to confirm which dairy-free flavors are available.

“The loyalty and experience of our customers is what drives us,” said Jim Sahene, CEO of Bruster. “We were excited to initially launch our first non-dairy coconut milk dessert; but today our new oat milk option offers superior taste and recipe.

As dairy-free ice cream retail sales continue boom, more and more major ice cream chains are adding plant-based flavorings. Earlier this year, Creamery with cold stones has partnered with Silk to launch its first dairy-free option while Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest chain of scoop stores, has launched several vegan flavors. In January, high-end ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s unveiled two new dairy-free pints, making its entire line of ice cream 40% dairy-free.

Ben & Jerry's non-dairy range
Image courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s

“We know that many of our customers follow strict vegan lifestyles or face different dietary restrictions, and it’s important to us to be able to offer them something wonderful with the variety of premium flavors and ingredients in which Bruster’s is known”, comments Sahène.

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