Buffing Bars, NYT Merch and a bottled Negroni Sbagliato

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Every week, our inbox is overflowing with news about gear, apparel, and tech news from around the world. In this feature, we will analyze the best of them. Today: Soft Services launches a spicy new soap, Knickerbocker goes to print and St. Agrestis bottles the internet’s favorite cocktail.

J.Crew x Beams Plus


Beams Plus is known for its American-inspired styles with a distinctly Japanese point of view. J.Crew’s history is rooted in a very similar type of American style, which is why their latest collab nods to prep and workwear. One of the standout pieces is the olive green and tan patchwork corduroy chore jacket which borrows design details from the military chore jackets of the 50s. We are also a fan of the red, black and gray argyle cardigan sweater which has a fuzzy wool texture that resembles mohair. The collection also includes tartan cargo pants, a reversible liner jacket and a few other pieces that once again prove that J.Crew is back.

a news box and stacks of newspapers on a gray background

Knickerbocker x New York Times


The Knickerbocker folks teamed up with the New York Times once again to present us with another capsule collection featuring a vintage inspired fisher stripe zip-up jacket and staff oxford shirt with custom embroidery detail. Knickerbocker’s vintage references are always subtle – a nod and nod to the past, done with a modern point of view. One from their past New York Times collections had a knit shirt that referenced Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless, so you know they pay attention to detail. The latest collection also includes matching hats, pants, cardigan and single pocket t-shirt with the Times logo.

Three cans of Busch Turkey Dog Brew on a gray background

Busch Turkey Dog Tea


Thanksgiving has come early for your four-legged friends because Busch has brewed a batch of turkey-flavored beers that will pair perfectly with the leftovers that end up in your pooch’s bowl. Made with bone-in turkey, sweet potato, sweet basil, peppermint leaves, turmeric, ginger, and water, it’s an all-natural product that helps promote a healthy digestive system and won’t cause a hangover.

a Reigning Champ candle on a gray background

retaW x Reigning Champ “Sea to Sky” Candle

reigning champion

Toyko-based RetaW has long been the “if you know, you know” fragrance supplier of choice, which is likely why “if you know, you know” boutique athletic brand Reigning Champ appealed to manufacturers of Japanese perfumes for a limited edition candle. “Sea to Sky” celebrates the British Columbia coastal mountain range that RC calls home and features tasteful notes of cypress, eucalyptus and geranium with a base of cedarwood and patchouli musk.

two shots of a model in a blue fleece from Vollebak on a gray background

Vollebak Garbage Fleece


This jacket is trash. No, seriously, Vollebak’s Garbage Fleece is made entirely from waste, with an Italian-made exterior and lining made from recycled materials like wool, polyester and polyamide. It’s technical, beautiful and incredibly hot – oh, and did we mention good for the planet? This too.

a BALMUDA loudspeaker on a table with a cityscape in the background

BALMUDA The President


Designed to “recreate complete sensory immersion in live music”, BALMUDA’s tiny speaker puts on one hell of a light show, with precisely timed (we’re talking 0.004 second) LED lights that are designed to react in harmony with anything. Curb album in which you choose to participate.

a collection of Williams Sonoma steel knives on a cutting board

Williams Sonoma Elite Cutlery Collection

Williams Sonoma

Combining professional-grade materials with preferred performance features, the Elite Cutlery collection from Williams Sonoma is forged by world-renowned master cutlers in Solingen, Germany using CrMoV15 stainless steel, which provides superior edge retention as well as resistance to chipping and corrosion. Think of the set as katanas for your kitchen – what’s not to love?

A pair of unsold 1963 Levi's 501 Jeans on a gray background

Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1963 501 Jeans


There’s no doubt that unsold vintage Levi’s are the crowning glory of the American heritage brand, especially those from the golden age between around 1950 and 1970. While they are not exactly Vintage, the all-new 1963 501 features all the features of the original, from the standard 501 straight leg and traditional arched seams to the Red Tab pocket and Two-Horse pull patch. If that wasn’t enough, the replicas are sewn from unsold Cone Mills White Oak denim and replicated to look like 1960s Levi’s shrink fabric, making it a true recreation of the original icon. They’re as cool as your grandpa’s jeans and just as hard to score – the style is currently only available in Japan.

a red Soft Services polishing bar on a gray background

Soft Services New Spice Buffing Bar

Software services

The best-selling micro-crystal exfoliating bar from skincare brand DTC Soft Services recently got a makeover. The Buffing Bar still effectively removes dead skin on the body, but is now available in a (very) limited edition seasonal spice scent. The scented brick has notes of powdered cinnamon, fresh cedar and tonka bean, for a warm and familiar scent.

a model with the Stratia Interface treatment on her face

Stratia Interface


Designed to stimulate protein production, increase skin elasticity and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, Interface is the latest addition to Stratia’s line of highly sought-after skincare products. Use morning and night for firmer, plumper and more invigorating skin.

a Cartier Pebble watch on a golden tray

Cartier Pebble Reissue


Cartier does not know exactly how many Pebble watches it made in the 1970s. According to Hodinkee, it was “estimated that only six large Pebbles were made (and possibly a few more smaller ones).” To give fans a better chance of adding this little-known but coveted Cartier London design to their collections, the company has created an updated Pebble with an 18k yellow gold case and hand-wound movement that will be released in limited edition. of 150. (Compared to six, that’s an absolute glut.) They cost around $45,000 and should be announced before their official release in November, so better express your interest now if you’re so inclined.

a Solo Stove tower patio heater on a gray background

Solo Stove Patio Heater

Stove alone

The Solo Stove’s dominance in the garden continues with the Tower Patio Heater. Unlike many of the traditional models we saw flying off the shelves at the start of the pandemic, the Solo Stove iteration is powered by wood pellets, not propane. You can buy some locally or add a few bags from the brand, and the 25-pound capacity hopper will burn for up to three hours without you needing to refuel. A few other welcome touches, like small wheels to help move it into place and a sleek powder-coated design, make it a contender for patios everywhere.

a bottle and glass of Arby's Smoked Bourbon on a wooden table

Arby’s Smoked Bourbon


We love smoky whiskeys, so it’s no surprise that the idea behind Arby’s Smoky Bourbon – an aged bourbon smoked with hickory, mesquite and pecan woods (the same woods used to smoke meats on Arby’s Smokehouse sandwiches) actually sounds appealing. Unfortunately, it sold out right after it was announced.

A bottle of St Agrestis Negroni Sbagliato on a gray background

St Agrestis Negroni Sbagliato

Saint Agreste

Some of us are already sick of hearing about this suddenly trending drink/meme, which replaces gin with sparkling wine. But we’re fans of St. Agrestis from Brooklyn and their bottled Negronis are legitimately good, so this take – featuring St. Agrestis Inferno Bitter Aperitivo, homemade Torino-style vermouth and Prosecco imported from Veneto – will certainly survive the hype. viral media.

a HearO Bluetooth speaker on a shelf against a green wall

HearO Bluetooth speaker


What to do with old tennis balls? Add a Bluetooth speaker. These unique portable audio devices can’t bounce, but they’re all made from balls used in championship tournaments.

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