Carol Vorderman’s Strict Routine That Makes Her Look Amazing at 60


Carol Vorderman is in the best shape of her life and doesn’t care who knows that.

The engineering genius from Cambridge shared a series of naughty images on social media that show off his stunning outlines. But how does the former math genius of Countdown who became a DJ do it? She fulfilled the dream of looking both slim and plump. According to the almost 61-year-old, it’s all down to good old-fashioned healthy choices and exercise.

In 2009, long before the craze for the 5: 2 diet or so-called “healthy eating,” Carol co-wrote Detox for Life. She attributed intermittent fasting to the reason she gave up two dress sizes in a month without counting calories.

She also exercises regularly to keep that awesome booty in shape. Carol has been using a personal trainer for years, which works her glutes and legs, stretching her back and hamstrings, three times a week. The result is a bottom that rivals Kim Kardashian’s and that she says hasn’t had cosmetic surgery either.

So what does Carol eat for a day? We took a look at Detox For Life to uncover the secrets to its ageless health and beauty.

Two from the top please, Carol

The mother of two starts the day with a coffee, but unlike us, she does not add milk or sugar, but butter. She revealed this quirky twist on Instagram, sharing the secret ingredient that helps with weight loss with her followers.

She wrote: “So many of you are asking why butter in my coffee. The answer is that I intermittently fast #HUGEhealthBenefits and 1/2 teaspoon of black coffee is a GAME CHANGE.

The fat in butter is believed to slow digestion and help you feel full if you are on a diet on an empty stomach. Carol also revealed that her regular breakfast consists of a simple cup of tea and a Ryvita with butter and marmalade.

According to another diet book by Carol, Eat Yourself Clever, you can actually improve your intelligence with what you have for lunch. So she ditches starchy sandwiches or fast food and prefers to have something like a nicoise salad, full of eggs, tuna, and leafy greens.

Eggs provide the protein that makes him feel full, fish is a valuable source of brain-boosting omega-3s, while leaves are a healthy addition to a balanced diet. She finishes her midday meal with a yogurt full of calcium which strengthens the bones. It also contains protein to keep her satisfied until dinner time.

This gravity-defying bottom is the result of years of training
This gravity-defying bottom is the result of years of training

Time does not pass for her hourglass figure
Time does not pass for her hourglass figure

The last meal of the day doesn’t have to be a joyless affair.

Recently Carol posted a photo of some homemade marinated mussels.

This is a sumptuous French dish made with mussels, which contain omega-3s and other nutrients for a healthy heart. She smothered them in cream, garlic, butter and shallots.

Carol wore a bikini during the recent heat wave
Carol wore a bikini during the recent heat wave

When the Pride of Britain Awards host went through menopause, she began taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which helps prevent associated hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety and brain fog. to change the lives of women.

On the positive side, she reported that HRT gave her energy and boosted her libido. Another side effect of menopause is often an increase in breast size, which may explain Carol’s 32D.

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