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They launched a second crowdfunding in April of this year, raising $ 50,000 on the first day and $ 120,000 so far. They are now embarking on the production of three new chocolate bars: a wafer, a caramel cookie and a classic milk chocolate bar, made from coconut milk.

The animal-loving couple donate ten percent of their annual profits to animal sanctuaries.

“We do our best to make chocolate that benefits people, animals and the planet,” said Charlie, now also proud to have a Bachelor of Science degree. “People, because we only use fair trade cocoa; the planet, because our packaging is compostable, and the animals, because we are vegans, but also because we donate ten percent of our profits to animal shelters.

Charlie Trupo and the swans by the campus lake

“I think everyone is excited about our product because we are one of the first vegan milk chocolate companies, and we stand up for our values, which is to be a company that does no harm to anyone.”

Brian works in recipe development and production, working with a factory in California, while Charlie does social media and promotion from Scotland. They will be bringing Trupo Treats to the UK in the fall.

“It was definitely difficult to balance studying with Trupo Treats, especially in my senior year,” Charlie said. “But I wanted to study environmental science in Stirling because climate change is a very important topic and something that I want to fight. And I love Scotland. Eventually, he hopes to combine Trupo Treats with a career in environmental filmmaking.

Brian and Charlie Trupo with a goat

Brian (left) and Charlie Trupo

Charlie became a vegetarian at the age of seven, while waiting for his Thanksgiving turkey to be served at a family dinner in Maryland. “I asked where all the dads were and was told they were out hunting for our dinner!” It was the first time that I made the connection between animals and the food I ate. I don’t think I ate my dinner that night.

Brian quickly followed suit and the couple went vegan seven and two years ago respectively. They ran a VeggieBrothers Instagram account dedicated to their love of animals, and then Brian had a business idea.

“Brian always called me with ideas, as an entrepreneur, but this seemed like a solution that could actually work! Charlie said.

Charlie is joining more than 2,300 students graduating from the University of Stirling this summer, including from its partner institutions in Vietnam, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. The University announced earlier this year that its in-person graduations in 2021 would be postponed due to COVID-19.

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