City Hall Renovation Project Would Provide Better Experience for Visitors and Employees | New policies


But he noted that the majority of the work will not involve physical alterations to the building, and most plans include mechanical, finishing and lighting improvements.

“The majority of the project is actually mechanical upgrades,” he said.

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$ 2,285,271 of the cost is expected to be spent on mechanical, engineering and plumbing.

He pointed out that a new variable refrigerant flow HVAC system will be installed, as well as new network wiring and a fire alarm. Ninety percent of the work will be done indoors, with little exterior work.

Asked during the presentation by Councilor Susan deBuhr on how the project is funded, the Director of Finance and Business Operations, Jennifer Rodenbeck, could not immediately respond.

She said the sources of funding are outlined in the city’s capital improvement plan and that $ 4.5 million is allocated for the project.

She noted that “some were savings that we have, like we did with the public security building, and I think we have a few other sources of funding.”

Council members asked a few more questions about the plan, but only one asked if there were any alternatives to a plan that is expected to cost over $ 4.5 million, which, for councilor Dave Sires, “seems a lot of money”.

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