Cookie Dough Bars and Lime Pie Crust

Get your sweet tooth ready, folks, because I serve sweet no-bake treats! Our first stop on the dessert train is… cookie dough bars with a double dose of chocolate, inside and out… then we head to the Sunshine State with a frozen lime pie crust which is delicious, tangy and so refreshing. Sharpen your taste buds and cooking skills because it’s dessert time and these treats are loaded with healthy ingredients you can feel good about.

Cookie Dough Bars from Joy Bauer.Joy Bauer

Pastry my god, these cookie dough bars are heavenly. If you’re like me and like to slide spoonfuls of raw cookie dough while baking, this is the perfect dessert for you. It offers a similar addictive flavor and texture, and the bars are gluten-free and vegan-friendly with dairy-free chocolate chips. I tell you, every bite is 100% safe and 100% delicious. A definite win-win. While cashew butter offers the most cookie dough-like flavor, you can easily swap out peanut butter for a PB-forward experience (never a bad thing). No crumb will be left behind!

Get the recipe here.

Key lime pie shell

Joy Bauer

This key lime pie crust is underlime! Sprinkled with lime zest and crushed graham crackers, this frozen treat makes its way into the limelight (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Bark Star: 2% Greek yogurt — freezes better than non-fat and delivers protein and creaminess for a perfectly fresh, creamy treat. You can split the pieces into any size you like; you are the boss of your bark. A perfect blend of sweet and tangy, this recipe will have you singing “lime yours” for days (thanks to Jason Mraz).

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