Craving sweets? Here’s where to find goodies in the Augusta area.

The Augusta region has long had its fair share of creative dining venues, and more recently the scene has grown to include delicious desserts. It is certainly pleasant to sit down, choose from a scrumptious menu, and indulge in everything from edible cookie dough to crushed ice delicacies, from traditional cakes and pies to funnel cakes.

Old Cookie Dough

1202 Town Park Lane # 106, Evans

Alumni Cookie Dough serves up raw cookie dough that you can actually eat – raw eggs not included! The company started in Athens before opening a franchise in Evans in 2019. There is also a site in Marietta and another is expected to open soon in Milton. Customers outside of these areas can also order quarts of cookie dough online.

Flavors throughout the year include chocolate chips, red velvet, cookies and cream as well as seasonal specialties like peppermint rind and s’mores. Alumni Cookie Dough also has gluten-free and vegan chocolate chip and oatmeal flavors, along with keto-friendly brookie and chocolate chip options at 1.8 net carbs per ounce.

Boll Weevil Café and Candy

10, boulevard James Brown, Augusta

It’s hard to believe that one of Augusta’s biggest dessert destinations started as a pizzeria and popcorn restaurant over 30 years ago. When George Harrison hired a general manager who loved sweets, the restaurant began to put more emphasis on desserts.

Twelve years ago, his son William Harrison took possession of it. He and his wife, Gloria Harrison, continued to make desserts the focal point of the restaurant with bakery manager Katie Hodson and human resources manager Casey Thompson offering cakes and pies.

“(The desserts) kind of started on a whim,” Gloria said. “Now we can’t keep them on the shelves anymore. It is very difficult most of the time. “

Favorites like Velvet Delight, a red velvet cake with a white chocolate cheesecake centerpiece, and Carrot Cake have kept customers coming back for years, even if they dine or have lunch elsewhere in the city center before they hit the spot. toss in the candy.

“I would say a lot of people who do this end up coming back to try (our meals) because the cake is so good,” Gloria said.

Funnel Cake Lounge

212 S. Belair Road, Suite 194, Martinez

Andre Walker’s Funnel Cake Lounge, which opened earlier this year, has attracted many customers. His funnel cakes are more than fried dough and powdered sugar. He and his staff put more sweetness on top by using ingredients like cereal, fruit, ice cream and whipped cream.

The Fruity Pebble Overload is one of Funnel Cake Lounge's iconic creations featuring strawberries, Fruity Pebbles, ice cream, vanilla pudding and whipped cream.

Customers can create their own creation or choose from the restaurant’s signature items such as the Chocolate Craze with powdered sugar, brownies, Oreos, chocolate ice cream, chocolate drizzle and chocolate chips or the Bleeding Heart, which is a red velvet funnel cake with powdered sugar, red velvet ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate chips and a drizzle of cream cheese.

“There are funnel cakes, but not at this extreme”: A restaurateur finds the right place for business

The Pink Bear

501 Georgia Ave., North Augusta

Superman flavored ice cream is a favorite for kids and adults of all ages at The Pink Dipper in North Augusta.

Stepping into The Pink Dipper Glacier on Georgia Avenue in North Augusta is like a blast from the past. The boutique opened in 1971 and has remained a staple. While other ice cream parlors have closed, The Pink Dipper continues to serve generations of customers.

Manager Brynne Bickerstaff said it was not uncommon to see three generations come to the store to buy ice cream or parents telling their children how they came when they were their age.

Regardless of the age of the customer, one of everyone’s favorites is the iconic Superman Ice Cream. Pink Dipper’s multi-colored delight and other flavors are available in a mug, candy cone, or waffle cone. There are also sugar-free and dairy-free options, and baked goods are available.

Sinless candy

Food truck locations vary; Storefront at 4336 B Washington Road, Evans will open soon

When people think of desserts and treats, they often don’t think they’re healthy, but an Evans-based company has done just that. In early 2020, Amber Connor miscarried and retired to her kitchen to cook in order to cope. The personal trainer wasn’t going to sacrifice her healthy lifestyle with traditional desserts, so she started making desserts without sugar but also with a sugar substitute as well as gluten-free and low-carb options.

“I started posting it on Facebook and people started contacting me to make them healthy desserts. So I would cook all day and put my two year old in the car and drive to deliver to people. “, she said.

Sinless Sweets offers sweet yet healthy desserts with a full menu of low-carb, sugar-free, and gluten-free options.

Connor decided to make Sinless Sweets his full-time job and a year later started serving him treats through a food truck. She is now preparing to open a window store in mid-December.

Connor’s best-selling items are chocolate-coated carmelitas and peanut butter balls, but the healthy bakery also offers keto cookie cakes, pies, brownies, cupcakes and more. Online ordering and shipping is available and food truck dates are posted on the Sinless Sweets Facebook page.

Vampire penguin

5117 Washington Road, Suite 4, Evans; 507 Georgia Ave. Suite A, North Augusta; 108 Laurens St. SW, Aiken

Vampire Penguin in Aiken, North Augusta and Evans offers crushed ice creations that resemble cakes.

The name doesn’t sound like a dessert spot, but with three franchises in the Augusta area, Vampire Penguin has gained popularity with its crushed frozen treats that look like cakes. Crushed ice is thinner than snow cones, often resembling the texture of snow.

The vampire penguin puts crushed ice in a mug, turns it over on a plate, and adds toppings, much like the popular Korean dessert, bingsu. The company offers basic items, but each location also offers its own recipes. Evans co-owner Amy Walker said their biggest seller was the S’Moreos with sno chocolate, marshmallows, Oreos and chocolate sauce.

The desserts are a big hit with adults and kids alike, Walker said, making it a great place for family outings.

“We’re just here to bring family and friends a place to come together and give them a place where they can sit and enjoy their dessert and put a smile on their face,” Walker said.

Bakery Bar Vance

123, boulevard James Brown, Augusta

Vance's Bakery Bar serves alcoholic desserts for adults who want to unwind with a sweet treat.

For dessert for older people, Vance’s Bakery Bar serves alcoholic desserts to adults 21 and older.

The idea for the bar came when Amy Adamo wanted to open a bakery and her husband, Troy Adamo, wanted to open a bar. The combination of the two has resulted in a mass of social media followers with over 8,000 followers combined on Instagram and Facebook.

Keeping the local vibe throughout the dessert bar, it serves 2nd City Distilling Co. and Savannah River Brewing liquor and names its treats for the region such as Garden City Fireball – cheesecake with whiskey cinnamon cherries – and Oglethorpe Cream Pie – an oatmeal pie filled with cream infused with alcohol. Those who just want to have a drink can also choose from the handcrafted cocktail menu.

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