Credit Rating Inquiry

Honest Bank provides customers with the opportunity to learn the credit rating calculated from the credit card accounts used by banks and the historical data of individual qualified loans.

In fact, we can say that Honest Bank is an institution that offers flexible and practical solutions for its customers to easily learn their credit ratings. If you want to question your credit rating in the long term or for your instant credit needs, you can do this with the methods offered by Honest Bank…

Learning Credit Rating Through Honest Bank


Credit rating is the scoring system obtained by collecting and analyzing the data of the payments made as a result of loans and credit card products used by individuals from financial institutions. We can also say that the most important reference note that banks look at when making loans to people.

Therefore, people who want to learn the credit rating, which is a reflection of the payment scheme, can perform this transaction through Honest Bank. Thanks to this service and convenience provided by the bank, anyone can question their credit rating without wasting time.

In this article we have created for those who want to learn the credit rating through Honest Bank, we have shared with you the channels that can be used for questioning the credit rating of the bank.

Learning Credit Rating from Mobile Banking

Learning Credit Rating from Mobile Banking

It is easy to obtain a credit rating from Honest Bank’s mobile branch. For this, you must follow the path; Logging in to Honest Mobile Banking, clicking on the ACC reports tab in the Applications menu and having your credit score questioned.

In order to make transactions through the mobile branch, you must first obtain a password using any bank credit card or Paracard. You can start your transactions immediately by taking your password with the appropriate option.

Learning Credit Rating from Internet Branch

Learning Credit Rating from Internet Branch



You can learn your credit rating in just a few minutes through Honest Bank’s internet branch. To do so, you must first login via the internet address.

You should then follow these instructions: Click on the “Accounts and Products” section of the Internet branch. İşleme My ACC Reports ”option is clicked.

Under normal circumstances, this section is your credit rating is displayed, but if you have not reached this system or entered any credit information before, you may see “You do not have ACC Report” warning in this section.

In such a case, you can reach detailed information by using the “Apply” button on the screen to query your credit rating from the internet branch. You can learn your credit rating in Honest Internet Branch in this way but unfortunately it is not possible to learn your credit rating via SMS .

When the Bank starts to use the SMS channel for this transaction, our article will be updated and you will be informed about how to learn the credit note via SMS …

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