Drink Monday launches a new alcohol-free whiskey


Drink Monday, a San Diego-based non-alcoholic spirits industry player, recently launched the new alcohol-free Monday whiskey.

Monday Whiskey is Drink Monday’s second non-alcoholic product. It has matured in white oak and the distiller’s notes show it has the flavors of toffee, raisin, and burnt brown sugar. The makers of Monday say the alcohol-free whiskey is keto and paleo, made with natural ingredients, no carbs, no sugar, and no calories.

“It was a pleasure to launch Monday Gin and to see the brand grow this year. The success has provided us with the perfect platform to expand our portfolio with Monday Whiskey, and we couldn’t be happier to share this with our customers, ”said Chris Boyd, Co-Founder and CEO of Drink Monday, in a comment. press release prepared.

Boyd said Monday Whiskey provides “a rich and immersive drinking experience… that is complex and memorable, yet familiar. Decked out with roasted coffee, rich caramel and warm molasses, the palate of Monday Whiskey ends with a spicy warmth in the middle and orange notes that linger with love.

Rob Rubens is the Founder and Chief Distiller of R6 Distillery, and he worked with the team at Drink Monday to create the unique, alcohol-free whiskey. “I was thrilled to be working with Drink Monday… We wanted to create a spirit that rivaled traditional whiskey, and we were able to do so by using a maturation process in new white oak to bring out the elegant and immersive flavors that are looking for. whiskey drinkers. “

When Drink Monday first launched Monday Gin, they reported $ 1.38 million in sales in the first nine months, catching the attention of investors like Randi Zuckerberg, who personally invested in the brand through its crowdfunding initiative on Republic.

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Boyd said the crowdfunding initiative helps give his loyal consumers the opportunity to get involved with Drink Monday at the property level. To date, the brand has raised over $ 858,000.

Founded in 2019 by Ben Acott and Chris Boyd, Drink Monday was created to serve what they describe as “great drinks for adults” without alcohol. You can find more information about Monday Whiskey and Monday Gin at www.drinkmonday.co.

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