Easy wins: remember old friends? The New Year is a great time to reconnect | Life and style

It’s completely understandable that someone you were once inseparable with could disappear from your life.

People move, change jobs, have children. Or maybe they’ve embraced the paleo diet while you’ve embraced the cronuts craze. Inevitably, some friendships are made for a lifetime rather than a lifetime.

Forgotten birthdays and missed milestones make it seem all the more impossible to make contact unexpectedly. Sure, Facebook tells you that they danced at their cousin’s wedding or started a podcast about flightless birds, but liking weird posts isn’t quite the same.

I’m not suggesting suddenly spamming all your old friends, but there are some that stand out from the past. If you find yourself stalking them on social media (except exes) or reminiscing about the good times you had together, this is probably the best indicator that there is something worth doing. be revisited.

So if you’re under 40 and the thought of talking on the phone sounds terrifying, how about sending them an email or DM? The New Year is a good time to say “Hey, it’s been a long time since I haven’t seen, what about this pandemic?”

No need to explain the prolonged silence; it’s safe to assume they feel the same way, so they’re unlikely to hold it against you.

There is no particular script to follow. I’d rather ignore boring things like career changes or house upgrades and go for bigger accomplishments like mastering the DIY interlocking haircut and finishing fourth in the job stage competition. Think about everything that tied you in the first place and you will know what to say. When in doubt, talk about Squid Game.

It could be a one-time interaction, or it could trigger a back and forth like the good old days. Either way, it’ll remind your old friend that despite the time you’ve spent, you still appreciate him.

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