Flower Child Brings Good Vibes

Those who frequented McKinley’s Fine Bakery and Cafe, the magnet for heavy-lunch ladies, may still be grieving his departure in 2020. It wasn’t just a fancy sandwich shop where Monticello’s moms chatted away over lunch.

Owner Stacey Rumfelt’s food was very good – and often, as when it came to her Honey Orange Chicken and Cranberry Sandwich, stellar. And if you played your carbs right, you could get a sandwich, side, drink, and slice of pie for $10 — a nearly impossible feat these days.

In other words, Flower Child has big shoes to fill. Opening April 12 at McKinley’s former location at 1616 South University Drive, Ste. 301, in University Park Village, the restaurant is a fast-casual concept born in Phoenix, Arizona, as part of restaurateur Sam Fox’s Fox Restaurant Concepts. The Fort Worth location will be the company’s 10th in Texas (there are stores in Dallas, Austin and Houston) and 29th in the United States.

The menu is, arguably, more health-conscious than McKinley, though McK’s can whip up some masterful salads. Flower Child has smartly covered all their dietary restriction bases, with vegan, paleo, keto, and vegetarian options.

These dishes include avocado hummus, grain and rice bowls with your choice of protein such as salmon and shrimp, grilled chicken and grilled steak wraps, rotating soups and nearly half a dozen salads. The mac and cheese is gluten free and the black beans are organic. The Lemon Avocado Dressing, in case you were wondering, is sugar and dairy free. Healthy, healthy, healthy.

At least one trait it will share with McKinley’s: an upbeat atmosphere. Flower Child employees are trained to be enthusiastic and free-spirited, and the decor will be colorful and cheerful, all in keeping with the restaurant’s name, brand and good vibes.

Flower Child, 1616 S. University Drive, iamaflowerchild.com

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