Food delivery business in Portland sees significant growth

Farm to Fit is a local option for hot meals delivered to your doorstep. The small Portland business has grown as the pandemic has forced many to rely on delivery.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The pandemic has made convenience delivered to your doorstep a part of everyday life. If you weren’t ordering groceries, takeout and essentials before 2020, chances are you will now.

A Portland business was delivering locally sourced farm-fresh meals even before the world went into lockdown – and they’ve seen a surge in business since.

Married couple Dr. Slaman and G. Scott Brown are the proud co-CEOs of Farm to Fit.

“Our mission is to improve people’s lives through delicious, healthy and easy food,” Brown said.

They prepare and deliver fresh, local dinners to heat up at home, whatever your diet.

“You can kind of tailor our meal plans to your lifestyle and I think it’s really important for us to be flexible with our customers,” Slaman said.

The couple moved to Portland from Los Angeles about twelve years ago. Their busy lives have led them to look for a quick and healthy option to plan their meals.

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“We were looking for a service like this,” Slaman said. “A meal delivery service that could deliver healthy, fresh food.”

They couldn’t find the local option they were looking for, so they created their own. In 2011, Farm to Fit was born.

“I think one of the most important things is that we support the local economy, which I think is really important,” Slaman said.

The two met in graduate school, and the drama school sweethearts have also found something special offstage: a small business the whole family can enjoy.

“I love Tuscan Beef Stew, it’s one of our signature meals, and our daughter, since she was two years old and ate solid foods, loves this meal,” Slaman said.

“We’re all tasting it and trying to improve, we’re trying to see how it moves,” Brown said.

They offer nine different ready-to-eat meal plans: everything from paleo to Whole 30 to vegan. And no matter what you do and the menu always changes.

About a decade ago, Brown says most people thought of Farm to Fit as a luxury brand, but the pandemic has changed that.

“It’s a necessity,” he said.

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Farm to Fit was able to keep its doors open as an essential business when COVID-19 put the world on lockdown in 2020. “We had a place where people could come and still get paid, and that, for me as an owner feels really huge and important,” Slaman said.

A team stronger than ever, serving local, healthy and easy-to-eat meals at home.

“I think the pandemic, overall, has shown me that our team is really loyal and really strong and we’re, like, going to be there together,” Slaman said. “I feel like it’s important.”

Meals start around $9. You can choose to subscribe to a plan or purchase as few as three meals per week. There are delivery options in the Portland area and pickup points as far south as Salem.

Visit to view the menu and register online.

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