Forum organized to educate Mainers about Afghan culture in Maine

Northern Light Health and the Maine Multicultural Center hosted a virtual forum on Thursday to help Mainers better understand Afghan culture.

MAINE, United States – As Maine welcomes recent Afghan immigrants brought to the United States, the state strives to better understand the culture and make immigrants feel more comfortable away from home. them.

On Thursday afternoon, Northern Light Health and the Maine Multicultural Center hosted a forum to answer questions about Afghan traditions. It was an opportunity for the community to learn more about the culture of some of their new neighbors.

Over 200 people from across the state participated in this virtual forum to learn more about Afghan culture, especially healthcare.

Marwa Hassanien is a member of the board of directors of the Maine Multicultural Center and works in the diversity department of Northern Light Health. She also organized this forum.

She said the goal is to “help make it easier to understand that it’s okay because some people do things differently.” We have to respect that ”.

Three Afghan panelists explained cultural and religious traditions and answered questions from participants. Some of these traditions include fasting during the holidays, the way men and women interact, and the way women choose to cover themselves with a hajib.

“The more you teach them and the more services you share with them, they will certainly trust you more if you understand them and their culture,” said Hawa Shir, one of the panelists.

Panelists said they were happy to answer questions about their culture and religion and that others would be happy to do so because it is better to ask than to assume.

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