Good nutritional practices vs fad diets for weight loss


By Pallavi Barman

New Delhi, June 4 (IANSlife): Have we ever wondered why humans are the only race to adopt fad diets outside of our eating habits?

Every organism in the animal kingdom is used to eating according to its habitat and this order is rarely disturbed except in human beings who are perpetually subjected to a magic formula so that they can take a certain form. We must therefore trade this urgency of “happiness” as defined by beauty standards on social networks for sustainable and long-term eating habits. To do this, you have to dive into the realm of clean, real and healthy food.

Now let’s clarify this:

1. Being fit and healthy is not the same as being skinny or zero trim. The measurement of a person’s health or fitness is actually governed by many parameters: your energy levels, your sleep patterns, monthly cycling patterns in women, hormonal health, disease propensity. autoimmune, dependence or dependence, etc.

Being healthy and fit is a holistic phenomenon that cannot be achieved by diet alone, let alone fad diet. It requires a deeper understanding of yourself, awareness of bodily functions, and responsiveness to stimuli in the form of food, emotion, or exertion.

This awareness develops over a period of time and does not happen overnight, it can become the engine of good health. Fad diets are usually rich in one thing or short in another, are heavily biased towards certain types of macros, or are focused on specific goals. For example, the keto diet is high in good fats and protein and low in carbohydrates, which sends the body into ketosis mode to burn fat and produce energy instead of burning carbohydrates. This diet was originally designed and designed to help with epilepsy and related seizure disorders.

So, is it normal for an ordinary person to resort to this diet, with the aim of losing weight quickly or even adapting it as a lifestyle? Our bodies at the cellular level are endowed with mitochondrial organelles that oxidize carbohydrates to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate – our energy currency) for the cell. On the keto diet, we tend to maintain a low-carb infusion. Thus, decreased carbohydrate availability and increased mitochondrial decoupling during nutritional ketosis suggests a decrease in ATP production, at least until compensatory adaptations occur. It is a complex process and it sounds like something that is not the most natural way for the human body to work. In computer parlance, it’s like overwriting code.

We must therefore understand the merits and pitfalls of a fad diet versus a diet focused on natural habitat.

2. Movement and good nutritional practices are the best tools to achieve peak performance and good health, but it must be followed consistently and become a way of life. Good, sustainable eating practices create a good microbiome in the gut, making it a happy and healthy gut, which in turn is closely and intricately linked to the majority of brain and body functions and hormonal health.

When the gut and endocrine system are in order, it’s rare that you don’t feel like a superhuman. Good health leads to improved performance, alertness, agility, focus, stillness all at the same time and even improves your mental faculties to enable you to think clearly and better.

Essentially, this is real good health – the kind the monks talk about. They say you are what you eat. The cleaner you start to eat, the better your internal functions and the better your performance and clarity in life. Imagine the amount of time, energy and resources you can save by not visiting the doctor once in a while, being productive and healthy just with simple food and living standards, not spending on diets and expert advice. It is necessary to instill understanding and awareness of good eating habits so that a lot of the blame in life is cleared, because self-awareness and self-confidence is enough to make you believe in yourself.

3. Achieving good health, good shape, good shape and good structure takes time. This is equivalent to chiseling a monolith in one stroke at a time. The sculptor does it diligently over the days and months and years for the most beautiful of statues to emerge. Likewise, if someone tells you that a certain type of shape, six packs, eight packs, etc. can be done in days or months, please question the assertion. Find out at what price? Look for answers similar to buying a policy – ask yourself what your monthly or outgoing EMI is and what you earn over the long term. With fad diets long term prospective health plans are not possible, it is best to plan and invest diligently. Develop discipline and cultivate healthy habits.

4. Simple Habits for Healthy, Healthy Eating That Will Work:

* Hydrate plenty – aim for 4-5 liters per day

* Reduce or minimize sugar consumption

* Eat less, eat when you are hungry. Do not accumulate

* Eating less is different from starving. Eat in proportion to your physical activity and not according to meal times and times

* No one ever suffers from eating less. Suffering occurs due to overeating or overeating

* Include good fats in your diet – almonds, nuts, ghee, cheese, butter, etc.

* Stop using hydrogenated vegetable oil for cooking or even olive oil for high temperature cooking

* Eat foods that are closest to their natural form e.g. whole chicken on sausage, rice on flour / wheat, fruit on juice, etc.

* Do not deprive yourself of anything. Eat in moderation

* Desserts are meant to be festive. Keep it that way – occasions and festivals

* Wake up and drink water to start your day

* Avoid processed and packaged foods

* Foods are perishable by nature, so anything packaged with a longer shelf life must contain chemicals and cannot be natural. Avoid

* But local on tetra packs

* Eat fresh and in season

* Don’t combine fats and carbohydrates – it causes poor health. For example, French fries are a combination of deep frying and carbohydrates in the form of potatoes; cakes – combination of flour (processed carbohydrates) and fat and sugar. All of this can be avoided to a large extent in everyday life

There is no substitute for hard work, so give up the quest for shortcuts and start working hard.

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