Guest column | End toxic relationships, embrace self-love

Surveys have shown that millennials are more health conscious than their ancestors. They spend a considerable portion of their salary on fitness and health related products, equipment and food.

They rarely go to the gym without being dressed in appropriate sports or leisure clothing, according to the latest nomenclature. The countless diets available include high protein, keto, high fiber, gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and blood type, to name a few.

A considerable amount of stress is also put on the detoxification of the body. However, little emphasis is placed on detoxification of the mind and relationships, which proves to be society’s greatest blight, as evidenced by failing mental health and broken relationships. More and more young people are turning to counselors and psychologists for emotional and relationship advice.

Relationships, at times, can become so toxic that it feels like you’re caught in a spider’s web with no respite in sight. You not only feel trapped but also suffocated by its weight. These relationships can be personal, professional or situational. You may be entangled in a toxic relationship with a family member, friend, colleague, boss, or lover. The situation may seem dire, however, remember that only two things can help break the chains of a toxic relationship, one’s own will and the love of one’s loved ones.

A few years ago, I too found myself trapped in such a relationship and managed to get out of it successfully. It took me some time and an agenda, but as of now I am completely cured of toxicity. Here are some tips to help you get out of toxic relationships:

1. Toxic Relationships Anonymous – Wish this was a real organization so you realize they are not alone. There are many around you going through the same struggle. Talk to these people and learn from their experiences. On the other hand, speaking brings a “catharsis”.

2. Bear hug– Accept help from those you trust and love deeply. A toxic relationship is more or less like an addiction. You wish you could give it up and yet you can’t. Share your problem with your family members and ask them to support you. Ask them to give you a “big hug” whenever you feel down or down.

3. Grinning and determination: These are the buzzwords for staying positive and strong. Remember that you can only get out of this mess if you choose to.

4. Discover what surrounds you: Eat, drink and rejoice because life is short. Eat your favorite food, take a break and go on vacation, watch your favorite comedy series or movies, make new friends and try to stay away from whoever is pulling you down at all costs.

5. Explore your “creative side”: find out what excites you most and what excites you. Writing is perhaps the most liberating outlet, other than finding solace in dancing, gardening, exercise. These activities will help you release negative energy and detoxify your inner self.

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The author is a freelance contributor based in Jagadhri

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