Hershey’s launches vegan milk chocolate bar


Vegan chocolate lovers, your prayers on dairy free cocoa have been answered. Hershey’s launches a line of vegan chocolate bars. And we can’t wait to try them out!

Non-dairy treats are currently only available at Soul Miner’s Garden. The vegan food truck operates in Charlotte, NC, and offers a number of plant-based options, including nachos, veggie bowls, and savory sides like collard greens and rosemary and luscious fries. ‘garlic. And now customers can also indulge in a vegan chocolate bar.

Soul Miner’s Garden announced the new chocolate bars on Facebook, writing: “VEGAN CHOCOLATE ALERT!” We’ve got our hands on these @hersheys plant based chocolate bars and we think everyone should try them. Find us next week and don’t forget to add one to your order!

Sasha Quinn, the owner of the food truck, says she stumbled across the chocolates while shopping at Target. “I came across all these vegan Hershey bars in a big box at the store, but they weren’t labeled,” she explains. “I decided to buy everything that came out thinking we could sell them on the truck because it’s the first time I’ve seen them.”

Hershey’s Oat Made bars will be offered in flavors such as Extra Creamy Almonds & Sea Salt and Classic Dark. The company has yet to release more details on the launch of its new bars. LIVEKINDLY contacted for details.

Hershey’s launches vegan chocolate bars

The chocolate factory first hinted at vegan chocolate bars in February. The brand has revealed its intention to launch vegan and dairy-free sweets as part of its Better For You initiative.

The company did not specify what type of vegan products it would launch. But, in a Press release, he revealed that the company plans to “expand its future portfolio to offer more sugar-reduced, organic and plant-based alternatives while continuing to develop its classic line of beloved products.”

Hershey’s isn’t the first candy giant to launch vegan chocolate bars. In June, Nestlé launched vegan KitKats, called KitKat V, in UK supermarket Sainsbury’s. Non-dairy treats feature a crispy wafer covered with rice milk chocolate.

Louise Barrett, director of the Nestlé Confectionery Product Technology Center, said the company “has worked very hard to find the right balance between the alternative to milk and cocoa. The result is a vegan chocolate that we are very proud of and which we hope will appeal to KitKat fans around the world.

A number of vegan companies also produce dairy-free chocolate bars. Go Max Go makes non-dairy versions of classic chocolate bars, including Snickers, Twix, and the Milky Way. Nelly’s Organics makes vegan and fair trade chocolate bars in varieties such as coconut peanut butter and caramel nougat. No Whey Foods also makes a number of vegan chocolates, including Chocolate Candy Nougat and Caramel Bars and Milk free bars. For a complete guide to vegan chocolate bars, click here.

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