Horror FPS Instinction Gets Dark New Trailer Teasing Dinosaurs, Tombs & Exploration


For those longing for a Turok-esque experience, New Zealand studio Hashbane Interactive may be what you need. Indeed, its next prehistoric action-adventure game, Instinction, is due out in 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

Now we have a brand new trailer showcasing the dinosaur hunt in action. Here are the new images below:

Mixing a tense atmosphere with smooth first-person visuals, the latest video gives us a taste of what to expect: lurking velociraptors, towering underwater leviathans, and enough hunting gear to make even Elmer Jealous Fudd. There are also what appear to be tomb-like structures begging to be explored.

The game features online co-op and interchangeable first and third person perspectives. Plus, there will be side quests and a story to unravel too. Outside of these tidbits, however, details regarding Instinction are still quite scarce.

For more information, however, here’s a preview courtesy of the game’s official site:

Instinction is the next-gen action-adventure horror game featuring extinct creatures. Play alone in first and third person perspectives interchangeably or team up with two other co-op members and progress towards multiple objectives in this open world, from grassy plains and forests to the depths of lakes and cenotes. Complete the objectives, discover the side quests and embark on an unforgettable journey.

If you are paleo-passionate (dinosaur lover / killer), you’ll love Instinction. Let’s make fossils!

Extinct creatures – Play with and against a wide variety of dinosaurs, as well as other prehistoric beings. Here is a full list of the dinosaurs and animals currently included, we want your suggestions on others you would like to see in the game, so drop us a line on our social media, some of the most requested will be included in the game!

Biomes – Explore multiple locations, from forests and research facilities, to cenotes and lakes. It’s not just beautiful scenery, it’s traitors, we don’t expect you to survive, but you have no choice, you owe it to yourself. Changing weather conditions, trenched terrain, magnificent views. There are deep cavernous waters to explore, depending on what you’ve acquired you may need to hold your breath or relax on a fan. PS Never relax, you won’t be exploring for very long until you stumble upon something terrifying!

Weapons – Fully customizable weapons and accessories, from melee to rocket launchers, reticles to skins. Multiple weapons, attachments, and other beneficial pickups throughout the game, some of which may be beneficial to you. Use your weapons and ammo wisely, this is not unlimited ammo, and there are also no limited resources, your decisions will affect the likelihood of you completing your missions. Change your weapons and accessories on the fly, during the fight you will make good use of bullet time when changing weapons. We’re not just talking about customizable accessories and skins, you can rename your weapon, and your changes will reflect in the game, maybe we don’t have to legally use certain weapon manufacturer names, well you can change them if you want, so go wild! Complete list of weapons to come.

Combat and exploration – Not all dinosaurs need to die, aren’t they already extinct, but somehow you are there with them. You will be attacked, you will most likely be killed, wild beasts aren’t meant to be your friends, ironically some will. For the most part you will have to survive the fight and using your brains not all beasts are enemies some can look nice. Play smart, complete your goals, maybe consider a side mission, you’re in control, hopefully!

Customization – Personalization is a privilege in the gaming world, but developers want it as much as gamers. It takes time, especially when a game’s release timelines are approaching, so it’s often cut from the final version or rejected early on. What we’ve gathered from the seemingly small community we’ve gathered at the start is that the customization option is important to the majority of gamers. Instinction offers character and weapon customization, beyond that we are working on customizable HUDs and colors, your control over subtitles (position, size, color and language). As with everything we do we want your feedback on what you would like to customize, for us it’s not just a first come, first serve offer, it’s all about ratios!

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