How did Phil Mickelson lose weight? Diet and fat loss routine explored

Phil Mickelson is not the only player who has changed his diet to improve his performance in the game. However, he is the one who won the golf championship after turning 50.

Mickelson has lost a few pounds over the past two years. He underwent a “hard reset”, including a six-day fast to return to his absolute best. At the end of his six-day fast, Phil lost 15 pounds. Coffee and regular fasting are the key to major transformation.

Phil Mickelson playing golf (Image via Getty)
Phil Mickelson playing golf (Image via Getty)

Her regular 36-hour fast helped reduce inflammation in her body. He changes his weekly fast from time to time by a day and a half. Depending on his schedule, Phil structures his eating and fasting from longer to shorter.

The practice helped him reset his body, lose weight effectively and improve his performance. The 53-year-old confessed fasting helped him play more efficiently and gain speed on the ball.

Phil Mickelson was not very fond of fitness during the early days of his career. However, over time, he realized that his neglect was hindering his progress and eventually became a fitness enthusiast.

Phil Mickelson revealed the factors affecting a good golf shot

Six-time major championship winner Phil Mickelson is one of the most popular golfers. He often made headlines due to his controversial statements. Last year, after winning the PGA Championship, Mickelson became the oldest major championship winner in history.

Mickelson is best known for his shot selection. In one of his interviews, the golfer revealed the mental aspects and technical analysis that helped him land the best shot. He said:

“There’s a lot I deal with on every shot and there’s a lot of detail. In my practice, I construct a reference. So I hit the same shot over and over building a 9 iron that goes 145 yards. Now this will vary with temperature and altitude, which will change with time of day as well as wind and those effects.

He continued:

“People don’t take that into account. If you put a little bit of water between the clubface and the ball, people don’t know it increases the spin and shortens it.”

Phil went on to say:

“If I have a 145 benchmark and want to fly 142 I can choke an inch. It’ll come a little lower, a little flatter and release or I can just open it up and hit a bit of a cut, it’ll be three yards but he’ll roll back. All of these variables that I deal with…because I’m hitting 1,500 balls every month at these specific numbers, my credentials are pretty good.”

It should be noted that Phil Mickelson always analyzes the conditions before hitting the shot. His tactics have helped him win 45 events in his career, including three Masters, an Open Championship and two PGA Tours. However, Mickelson will miss the 2022 Masters Tournament as he took a brief break from golf to spend time with his family.

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