How to go vegan like Kourtney Kardashian


Zoodles are one of Kourtney Kardashian’s favorite dishes. © Poosh / Kourtney Kardashian

LOS ANGELES: Kourtney Kardashian shared her vegan recipes on her Poosh website.

Zucchini spaghetti, avocado / banana bowl or smoothie, the TV star has become mostly vegan (95% according to her).

“In small waves.” This is the approach that Kourtney Kardashian takes to go from a diet that includes meat to a vegan diet, gradually, slowly.

Because, like many people who want to change their diet, it’s not always easy for Kim Kardashian’s sister. She readily admits that some people may find this restrictive and difficult.

The influencer therefore advocates integrating changes over time to avoid food disasters and food trauma.

“Start by replacing meat with plant-based options once a week and build up from there,” she explains on her Poosh site.

“It’s all about balance and finding how and when you are comfortable incorporating the changes into your lifestyle.”

She also explains the reasons for her choice: her sensitivity to “the environmental impacts that eating less meat has on the planet”.

So what’s on the menu?

The businesswoman has revealed her favorite recipes for going meatless.

For breakfast, an avocado shake or a banana smoothie, to which she often adds protein. Remember to replace cow’s milk with plant-based milk, such as almonds or oats.

Or a bowl of dragon fruit acai, a recipe concocted by chef Marina Cunningham whose secret lies in cinnamon syrup from pears.

For those who love sweets, a more filling option may be blueberry jam and peanut butter spread on a bagel.

For lunch, “zoodles”. These spiral zucchini spaghetti are served with avocado and a few slices of tangerine.

For dinner, the nice options are vegan tacos or sushi.

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