Inovatec joins the Canadian Lenders Association


Inovatec Systems, a provider of cloud loan origination, management and service solutions, has joined the Canadian Lenders Association, which includes more than 170 companies representing Canadian lenders in categories such as automotive, consumer , housing and mortgages.

Many of Inovatec’s current customers are existing CLA members. The CLA is also managing a roundtable of auto loan executives, which will give Inovatec the opportunity to directly collaborate on ideas and innovations that will benefit the industry. Inovatec’s LOS (Loan Origination System) and LMS (Loan Management System) enable businesses to automate the loan process while creating a differentiated user experience that is tailored to a company’s individual business model. lender.

“Inovatec is always interested in engaging with the market and developing new solutions that will have a tangible and lasting impact on our customers,” said Vladimir Kovacevic, CEO and founder of Inovatec. “We are excited to join CLA and help lenders improve their bottom line and maximize efficiency through next generation solutions. “

CLA supports the adoption of innovative technologies and business models designed to shape the future of lending in Canada. The association works with a range of financial service providers across the country and with provincial and federal governments to develop standards that benefit both consumers and the economy.

“We welcome Inovatec to our organization as a respected member of the Canadian lending community. Their solutions are adopted by many members of the automotive industry, and we expect other lenders to find their strategies and solutions equally beneficial, ”said Tal Schwartz, senior advisor at CLA. “We look forward to working with Inovatec so that we can collectively elevate best practices within the industry and meet the needs of our members. “

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