Internet slams boyfriend who accused Redditor of ‘cheating’ him to eat vegan

Members of Reddit’s hugely popular r / AmITheA ** hole quickly defended a user after she said her boyfriend accused her of “cheating” him into eating vegan food.

In a viral post that received nearly 10,000 comments and over 3,800 comments, u / TheElderAgrippina explained that she has been dating her boyfriend for three and a half months. Including an explanation of their first date for dinner, u / TheElderAgrippina said she was vegan and her boyfriend always ate fully vegan meals when they ate in her apartment.

But the Redditor’s boyfriend had no idea.

After eating vegan lasagna for Christmas dinner, the couple watched a cooking show featuring a contestant who used “fake meat” in a dish they were making. The Redditor said her boyfriend was appalled and “commented on how much he hated when dishes pretended to be meat when they were plant-based and it was deceptive and rude and he wouldn’t eat never that “.

Puzzled, u / TheElderAgrippina said that when she told her boyfriend that he had eaten several meals with “fake meat,” he was immediately enraged.

“He got really mad,” she explained. “He accused me of making him eat something he found disgusting and ‘forcing’ my diet on him.”

As of 2014, between 1 and 6 percent of Americans said they were vegans. According to Plant Proteins Co, only 1% of the US population declared themselves vegan in 2014, this figure rose to 6% in 2017 and in the years since, it has increased and decreased in increments of one percent. .

A Redditor said her boyfriend became enraged after learning he had eaten a vegan Christmas dinner.
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While the Harris poll (carried out on behalf of The Vegetarian Resource Group) showed that only 2% of the population declared themselves vegan in 2019, there has been an explosion in the production and consumption of plant-based products. over the past half decade.

The Vegan Society reports that since the introduction of the Vegan brand in 1990, over 57,000 herbal products from over 2,500 companies have been registered worldwide, including 18,000 foods and beverages. And in 2019 alone, The Vegan Society registered 14,262 products with the The Vegan brand, an increase of 49% from 2018.

However, despite increasing access to plant-based products, many people, like the original poster’s boyfriend, are reluctant to incorporate vegan foods and potential meat substitutes.

Following her boyfriend’s explosive reaction to eating vegan lasagna, he left the apartment and according to u / TheElderAgrippina, “he wrote a few paragraphs about how he felt betrayed” via text message.

“He said he hoped I understood how disappointed he was that I adulterated his food like that, and that something like that was a serious betrayal of his trust. He said I should have revealed that. none of the foods I have ever prepared contained meat, ”she wrote.

The Redditor said she told her boyfriend it wasn’t something she should apologize for, and said he was “stupid and childish.” She also explained that this “fake meat” fight was the first in their relationship and that it wasn’t like her boyfriend reacting that way, but other Redditors called it in the comments section of the thread. viral.

In the first comment on the article, which itself received 19.6,000 votes, u / SmallSacrifice lambasted the original poster’s boyfriend and said his justifications for being upset were invalid.

“[Not the a**hole]. He’s stupid … Seriously, is he lacking intelligence in other areas? You said you were a vegan so of course you’re not going to cook and eat meat dishes with him, ”they wrote. to eat meat.”

Redditors u / Maskydoo and u / Allaboutbird both speculated that u / TheElderAgrippina’s boyfriend was embarrassed that he never noticed he was eating plant-based meals.

“He got caught red-handed and rather than admit it, he chooses to turn you away and blame you,” u / Maskydoo wrote.

“This,” u / Allaboutbird added. “He’s embarrassed so he lashes out.”

In a comment voted 6.8K times, u / SonuvaGunderson was enraged by the behavior and encouraged OP to consider parting ways with her boyfriend.

“I hate that sort of thing. He ate and enjoyed the food… Until he found out there was no meat,” they wrote. “Leave me alone.”

“[Not the a**hole]. It’s time for a new boyfriend who shows just a little more maturity than a 10-year-old, ”u / SonuvaGunderson concluded.

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