Jenny McCarthy launches a line of vegan cosmetics

Anti-vaxxer celebrity Jenny McCarthy promotes more pseudo-science, a line of vegan cosmetics. Formless Beauty debuted today with three lip glosses. The formulas contain shea butter and grapefruit seed extract.

“Ingredients you can pronounce!” McCarthy told People. “It’s gloss, you know, it’s on your mouth. You ingest it.”

Consumers may be eating lipgloss, but they’re also doing something good for their soul. Each shade of pink is named with a specific intention: Manifest, Dream, and Love, depending on the company.

While Formless Beauty begins with lip gloss, McCarthy is already planning its products for the future.

“I learned so much through this process. I now know how much science is still evolving, and we always find out what happens when certain things enter our system – this is something I keep in mind. when I expand the product line, she told People. “My mission is to crack the code and make cosmetics not only look amazing and beautiful, but healthy. I want you to choose my brand because yes it looks great, but it’s good for you. “

Never mind that “vegan” doesn’t mean much in the beauty industry. In recent months, multinationals like L’Oréal and Lush, and independent brands like BH Cosmetics have jumped on the vegan bandwagon.

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