Jurassic World Live Tour Dinoteers teach students about science and geology

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The Milwaukee Public Museum is a popular place for students to visit on field trips. Before the Jurassic World Live Tour kicked off on Friday, November 11, some students took a special guest lesson on the tour. A group of dinoteers, stuntmen and paleo-vets.

“If we can hang them here, early, make the idea of ​​learning about science and nature fun, we’ve done our job,” said John Palmeri, chief paleovet.

The tour will bring roars and rumbles as dinosaurs scurry through Fiserv, but first students took a closer look at the science surrounding dinosaurs. How was their environment? What could they have done to survive? What did they eat?

“We have a variety of animal skulls, all mammals that you can actually find here in Wisconsin if you look closely, they all have a variety of teeth, whether it’s sharp k9s or squeaky molars or, in the case of one in particular, very large incisors,” Palmeri said.

They compared the animals that roam the world today to dinosaurs.

Those who really love them can catch the show at Fiserv from Friday, November 11 through Sunday, November 13.

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