Kake brings gluten-free, keto, and diabetic-friendly treats to Katy’s area


By R. Hans Miller | News editor

Stefani Wille, owner of Kake at 918 S. Fry Road, Ste. 600 to Katy, said she started cooking gluten-free and keto-free items at home to support her sons with Asperger’s syndrome and ADHD. She had heard that gluten-free products could help ease the symptoms her sons were facing and had seen results that had led to a passion for baking and making healthy treats for others with dietary restrictions.

“The problem is, a lot of keto products will contain isolated wheat gluten, and that’s the one that’s inflammatory – so really not clean keto. What we do here is very clean. We are a dedicated gluten-free kitchen. That’s what sets us apart, ”said Wille.

Many restaurants and bakeries offer what they call “gluten-free” options, Wille said. But for someone with celiac disease – an immune disorder that causes the body to attack itself when the protein, gluten is present – cross-contamination of food in such places is a serious concern. Minor contamination can lead to sick days for a celiac patient or for a gluten intolerant patient, who avoids gluten due to a food allergy or cognitive health issues, sick days or cognitive symptoms can follow a accidental cross contamination.

“There’s a whole community of people I talk to every day who say, ‘I went for a gluten-free pizza somewhere – and yes, they have a gluten-free crust, but they were taking gloves that they came. to touch a regular pizza crust with it and dip it in the toppings before putting it on my gluten-free pizza; and i am celiac and i break down with hives or i have gastrointestinal issues and even so much gluten could cause me trouble. ”

Wille said most of the items she sells are also low in carbs or sugar, as they’re sweetened with Lakanto, a blend of monk fruit and calorie-free erythritol. She said she was even willing to work with customers to personalize orders if they were sensitive to the ingredients she had available. Her only exception is that she uses nut-based flours in her cooking, so sometimes she can’t accommodate people with nut allergies.

However, Wille said the baked goods in his store aren’t just for people with specialized dietary needs. She works hard to ensure that her treats have the taste and texture that everyone can enjoy. From German chocolate cupcakes with just four net carbs to dark chocolate dipped shortbread cookies to custom decorated donuts and cakes for special events like graduation celebrations – Wille wants everyone to be able to fit into her. establishment and come out with a dessert that they can enjoy.

The bakery offers a wide variety of fine treats, including cinnamon buns, donuts, breakfast sandwiches, pretzel dogs, dairy-free fruit, and parfait cups and snickerdoodles. Not to mention the muffins, brownies and a classic – chocolate chip cookies.

Over the next few years, Wille hopes to grow and she seems to have the means to do so. According to a deal with Amazon, she and her staff produce around 20,000 Ketonia-branded coconut macaroons – the best-selling Keto cookie on Amazon’s website, she said. Additionally, she hopes to open franchises in early 2022 to serve a wider customer base and ensure those with dietary restrictions can get high-quality treats suitable for a specialized diet when needed.

Wille said the first year in business was very difficult for Kakes to survive. Their grand opening was on November 2, 2019 and they had barely started when the pandemic resulted in the issuance of stop orders. But, after a lot of hard work on her part and the dedicated staff she said she loved, the company was successful. Even when from time to time staff members had to bring their kids to school work in the lobby while the baking was done.

“We learned the kids from each other,” Wille said. “We were the only people we could throw birthday parties with because we were together everyday anyway; and, thus, we were literally… the only people on the other. So we became friends because the pandemic forced us to bond and that was actually pretty cool.

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