Karwa Chauth: Actor Molkki Aakash Talwar: Today on Karwa Chauth, my wife is fasting for me and I fast for her

Actor Aakash Talwar, who currently plays the role of an antagonist on the TV show “Molkki”, is fasting for his wife Madhvi.

Aakash tells us about the rituals the couple follow together. “Karwa Chauth is traditionally described as a festival where a woman prays for the long life of her husband, but I think a relationship is better when each partner makes an equal contribution. So if my wife fast for me, I will do same for her. I have always seen my mother perform the ritual with great enthusiasm. I belong to a Punjabi family, so the sargi (early morning meal) is an important part of the day. I woke up early today to help my wife with the ritual, “he says.

The actor has planned the day especially for his wife. He shares, “I will be celebrating the festival with my wife today. As Karwa Chauth, so I want to do my best to make this day a good one for her. The best gift would be spending quality time with her. As an actor I have a very busy schedule so ultimately I have less time with my family so I want to catch up with all these days. But yes, there is another gift for her that will make her happy. In return, I just expect her to be the stabilizing factor like she always has been. ”

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