Keto diet: ketogenic foods to lose weight without breaking the bank


The keto diet aims to force your body to use a different type of fuel. Instead of relying on glucose, keto relies on ketones, a type of fuel the liver makes from stored fat. While it’s relatively straightforward to follow the plan, it can come at a cost.

Speaking to, nutritionist Rob Hobson, on behalf of SlimFast Keto, explained that thin people can follow the diet without breaking the bank.

He explained, “For many of us this year we have grabbed hold of the purse strings and when the household budget is in jeopardy the only handy part of this is how much we put aside for the money. food.

“In light of this, the keto diet may seem out of reach as it’s typically associated with consuming large amounts of meat, oily fish, nuts, and foods like avocados.

“The principle of the keto diet means that you need to include some of these foods in order to maintain the levels of fat and protein needed to keep you in ketosis.

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“However, there are ways to do this that can help limit the damage to your food bill and there are other much cheaper foods that can be inducted into this diet as well.”

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are great snacks when you are on the keto diet because they usually contain high levels of fat.

Rob added, “These foods make great Ito snacks or additions to dishes like curries, salads, yogurt pots or porridge. Nuts and seeds are expensive, but there are cheaper ways to buy them.

“Rather than buying specific varieties of nuts and seeds, look for mixed packs because they are always cheaper.

“You can also keep an eye out for stores such as Holland and Barrett or online, as there are always deals available as long as you aren’t picky about the variety of nuts on offer.”

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Meat and poultry

Another staple when on the keto diet, meat and poultry are considered ketogenic.

This is because they do not contain carbohydrates and are rich in vitamins and several important minerals.

The nutritionist explained, “I think the first thing to say here is that we often eat too much meat. Even on a keto diet, you shouldn’t overdose on the meat part of your dish.

“Excess protein in the keto diet can also push you out of ketosis when the body converts it to glucose. Stick to a handful and fill your plate with other foods such as greens cooked in butter, olive oil or olive oil and find a nice sauce to go with the meat. of your meal.

How to buy cheaper meat?

Rob continued, “Choosing bone-in poultry is always cheaper than breast meat and in my opinion tastes much nicer. Supermarkets such as Marks and Spencer often offer roasted chicken thighs for as little as £ 7 for three packs which can be eaten as a snack or with other foods for lunch and dinner.

“Fresh thigh meat and drumsticks are also cheaper and still contain a good source of protein and fat needed on the keto diet.”

Fatty fish

Perhaps considered one of the most expensive foods on the diet, oily fish like salmon can cost a lot of money.

Oily fish is perfect for those on the keto diet because it has virtually no carbs and is high in vitamins.

Rob explained, “There are many benefits to eating oily fish, but it can get expensive, especially if you’re cooking for the whole family.

“Frozen fillets are sometimes a little cheaper and just as nutritious. Don’t avoid canned fatty fish because it’s cheap, nutritious, and keto-friendly. Canned salmon and mackerel can be used to make delicious Thai fish cakes that you can batch cook to eat on other days as a meal or snack. “

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